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The hair is bleached such that the tips of each spike will be pale blond, usually in contrast to the wearer's main hair color. For this year's British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards, the same cool haircut is worn clean cut plus a groomed beard. The sharp edge of a line up stands out against a blurry fade or clean cut sideburn enhances the impact of a full beard. Another powerful combination is the distinction between a short undercut and long hair. Like a short haircut, a short beard is quick and easy to maintain. Those men aren’t just smart and diligent – they completely look like it. Designer stubble is easy to maintain with clippers at Continue ReadingMustaches were cool long before Movember. And let’s not forget the “Uptown Funk” stars who look great in theirs! Why it’s attractive You show massive confidence when you pull off a classic pompadour. If you are going cordless definitely get lithium battery powered clippers. This hairstyle is reminiscent of the one found on the ancient statue of the Lady of Elx. Or others might think of an artist who could stay in bed all day and talk to them about life. Nikki sixx hairstyle. It’s easy and quick to style with a little pomade or gel. The short sides + long top is one of the biggest haircut trends of Continue ReadingWith the resurgence of barbering, the line up is more popular than ever. It shows that a guy has a carefree coolness about him, even if the whole thing takes more effort than it appears to. Asian hairstyle long hair. Frequently, the hair at the crown of the head is "teased" or backcombed first to create volume.

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Buzz cuts are more common now as men like the advantages. The fade is exactly what the name says - hair gradually fades from longer to shorter. Why it’s attractive The buzz cut denotes discipline and manliness. Whether you’re a White, […] The taper fade haircut is one of the most iconic and trendy styles for men, offering a masculine, yet clean look that’s perfect for casual or professional situations. Typically long, the style can range from long and drooping below the eyes, to a shorter length. And that's not even with the classic lumberjack flannel and stretched ears. You see it on TV with all those fictional lawyers, spies and con artists alike. A hairstyle originating from Subsaharan Africa, popularized by African Americans wherein the hair is braided into a series of locks that cling to the head. Curly to Cool The Cut - Regular mens haircut, pushed straight back. The trick is using gel or pomade to run down the hair and “mess it up” to an extent. However, there are other options available for those willing to consider how their facial features and hair condition can work together. The name is a portmanteau of , the French word for false or fake, and 'mohawk'. The undercut is a unisex haircut whereby the top section of hair is held in place whilst the side and back sections are cut, thus making the top longer and the back and sides undercutting. This is because cool short haircuts for guys are stylish yet easy to manage and quick to style. Not a bad idea, but just be careful not to go to high or you won't be able to grow your beard out to its fullest capability. Get creative and try a number of different groomed beard styles. Well known in certain punk rock subcultures due to its use being commonly associated to Misfits bassist Jerry Only. If you want to trim the lower neck to keep it looking clean and also less itchy do so. Hair is worn long and gathered up into a ponytail, often braided.

All you need is a good moisturizing conditioner in the shower to keep the scalp healthy. They also fit guys who surf or like hanging out at the beach. We have singers like Usher and Drake who’ve tried it. Men’s grooming expert Elle Medico calls the undercut “an attention getter” that’s perfect for outgoing men. Why it’s attractive Women love the hockey cut in different ways. The last few years have seen a resurgence of modern variations of retro hairstyles, including creative versions of the fade, quiff, pompadour and disconnected undercut

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