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Fades are still going strong with all kinds of cuts including the buzz, mohawks, pompadours and long hair pulled up into man buns. Stylish Haircuts for Black Men: Short Buzz Cut The buzz cut is the classic haircut that’s flattering for gents of all ages. Just ask your barber for Continue ReadingThese best hairstyles for balding men make the most of the stages of hair loss. Haircuts for Black Men with Curly Hair: Kinky Braids Afro When two black hair hairstyles meet, there’s an explosion of style and cool overtones. Not only do they add some serious cool factor to your overall look, but they can be styled in plenty of interesting ways. Short Haircut with Razor Deep Side Cut It’s amazing how just one simple style element can create an entirely new look from an otherwise basic haircut. Cool Razor Shaped Afro Hairstyle for Black Men As if the neatly trimmed Afro isn’t enough to gain you some extra style credits, the barber razor shaped edges simply look astonishing. From preschool to high school and beyond, check out these haircuts for black boys. Where is Continue ReadingIt seems like Drake always has the same haircut but there have really been many variations on a theme. Then, he hair on the sides and back are cut or shaved to achieve a shorter length.

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Most of these cuts have their roots in classic men's hair but add modern finishes. The textured crop trend featuring blunt bangs has brought the Caesar-style bangs back in a big way. This is evident in the shortest and longer styles we've seen from Continue ReadingThe Caesar haircut is one of these classic men's hairstyles that never goes out of style. Today, there are many different and very cool variations of this popular men's haircut. We are very pleased to present such an amazing diversity of undercut styles in this post. Undercut hairstyle women short hair. Twist Braids Mohawk for Black Men Twist braids are a natural protective hairstyle for black hair. Sure you could don a suit each day or wear your leather jacket like a badass but settling for an average haircut can damage your appearance. To master this hairstyle you want to pay attention to the condition of your hair, maintaining it with an occasional trim and washing and conditioning regularly. The buzz cut looks astonishing on everyone, regardless of the face type or hair type. Once the product has been applied with your fingers use a comb to create a neater look. They can be cut wide, finish in a V-shaped neckline or do something else entirely. A fade goes from really short to even shorter and often the skin. Styling in Continue ReadingThe comb over is a classic haircut that has evolved but not gone out of style. Curly Top Deep Faded Sides Your natural coils don’t even need to be styled or cut too short to look great. The defining characteristics of this short men's haircut is very short sides and back, the "high", and a line between longer hair on top, "the tight". Check out Continue ReadingHair color for men can be so much more than covering gray. His signature mohawk fade haircut has evolved in length and color over time. It’s bound to enhance the natural beauty of your locks. Short Trimmed Kinky Braids Hairstyle for Black Men The natural looking kinky braids are an amazing idea. Brushing technique is used to achieve the waves while cutting the hair. Slightly Faded Sides and Thick Top This haircut isn’t seen so often on the streets or runways. Faded sides and the faded beard complement each other perfectly. A great cut and style can elevate the simplest clothes and does even more for a dapper outfit. Some of these haircut require some product while others don't. As always the quiff will continue it’s reign as the go to hairstyle for most men, keeping the back and the sides short and the length on top. As you can conclude from this list it is all about personal taste There are so many new hair trends for guys this year including fresh looks, updated classics and even some old favorites. Slicked Back The slick back hairstyle is a real classic and something we’ve spoken about before, but the popularity for this classic cut is rising. Although the trend is Continue Reading Medium length hair can be messy or neat, classic or modern, worn up or down. The hair is cut long on top and short on the sides. Haircut Styles for Black Men: Back-swept Short Kinky Braids As you can see, kinky braids can be worn even a tad longer and still look natural and classy. It tames Continue ReadingThe undercut fade takes adds a blurry fade to that classic undercut silhouette. Black Male Fade Haircuts These geometric patterns that are perfectly complementary look are meant to create structure and look stunning. The quiff is a great hairstyle but it takes some time to style and maintain. I made a selection with the best of them, so that you could get your inspiration and make […] There are plenty of haircuts for black men out there, one more alluring than the other. Complete your look with some gorgeous facial hair like that and gain some serious style credits. The South of France haircut is popular for curly hair and especially black hair. A well-styled Mohawk is great to elongate rounder faces, while the faded sides perfectly frame the face features

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