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Add layers and volume if you are going for a masculine cut. You can also try a side part.Don’t part your hair down the middle and avoid styles that add extra height to the top of your head. Keep your bangs longer, and add lots of layers throughout to thin them. Choose hairstyles that add volume around your face. This hairstyle is all about texture so it’s ideal if you have medium length hair. If you want something longer, have it be at least collar length. Getting your hair cut every few weeks will help you maintain this style throughout the year. The pineapple hairstyle. Make sure that it is longer on the top to add volume and create the illusion of a longer face.

If your hair is long enough, you can end the cornrows as regular braids, then gather everything into a ponytail. A lot of people have Afro hair but it does tend to be people who are either from Africa, Asia and Australia or descendants of people from […] Ben Affleck, the popular American actor and film maker who starred in Pearl Harbor, Batman vs. I made a selection with the best of them, so that you could get your inspiration and make […] Choosing a Style Based on Face Shape and Hair Type Avoid cuts with sharp edges on the top and sides. A great look would be a clean fade along the sides with longer hair on top. For example, you keep your hair long enough to pull into a ponytail. If you want something shorter, try a short bob that reaches your jaw; make sure that the ends are cut whispy and choppy, not blunt. Instead, try a loose ponytail and muss up the hair at your temples for added volume. If you want to bring out your cheekbones, try straight, blunt-cut bangs. It can be short or long, but it should be rounded on top and tapered at the ears. Either way, it will look très chic! Consider an afro for a more masculine cut. A topknot or bouffant will only make your face appear longer. Choose something that reaches anywhere from your mid-neck to mid-back.

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Spiky hairstyle. You can also try some cornrows, regardless of your hair length. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s French Braids This blog entry looks at putting French braids in your hair, as demonstrated by Sarah Michelle Gellar at a red carpet event. Avoid styles that emphasize the upper part of your face as well as slicked back styles. Slicked Back The slick back hairstyle is a real classic and something we’ve spoken about before, but the popularity for this classic cut is rising. A simple way to do this would be to tuck your hair behind your ears. Then, he hair on the sides and back are cut or shaved to achieve a shorter length. This style works best on straightened or relaxed hair. Give the bob some graduated layers, both surface and asymmetrical. Instead, go for something that is cropped short, or grow your hair longer. As always the quiff will continue it’s reign as the go to hairstyle for most men, keeping the back and the sides short and the length on top. Avoid styles that are cut straight across, however. This hairstyle is easy to manage, looks great with casual and formal outfits and most importantly the popularity makes it a cut most barbers should know. You can also add extensions into the cornrows to add length. It is achieved by shaving the hair on the sides of the head. What does my hairstyle say about me. This will make your face look longer and thus make you seem all the more elegant. Choose styles that add volume to the upper part of your hair. You can also try a buzz cut or even a messy crop or textured comb over. Great examples include textured crops, shags, or high fades with fringes. Article displaying some of the latest emo hairstyles for different length hair Sure you could don a suit each day or wear your leather jacket like a badass but settling for an average haircut can damage your appearance.

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Avoid doing a center part however; instead, choose a side part. Have your hairstylist cut your hair so that the curls are looser. Something that goes past your shoulders with layered and feathered ends would look lovely. Consider how easy the haircut will be to manage day to day She gives me creative freedom so that's always allowed me to take risks and push myself. It’ll balance out the triangle shape by adding volume to the top. A curly bob would look great! If you are willing to straighten or relax your hair, you could add some sweeping side bangs.Try to keep your hair parted to the side. If you want a longer style, be sure to get some layers around your face, below eyebrow level, to help frame your cheekbones and chin. Work with the natural texture of your hair to create volume and lengthen your face. This works best with extensions, straightened, or relaxed hair.

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If you have bangs and long hair, try a high ponytail or bun. Don't straighten it, and let your natural texture do its thing

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