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 This cut works well on wavy, curly and straight hair. Allow the client to view the finished cut in a mirror so that he can decide if this is acceptable or if more needs to be cut off A complete guidance is very important about men’s hairstyles and haircuts! So, must check this guide out; The most important part of our body is our hair.  You can change this cut accordingly the way you want from old classic style to the modern version. One should remove only a small amount of hair at a time when cutting an afro. If you want to make your forehead look less pronounced, add some shorter layers in the forehead area. Having a perfect haircut, will complete your look and make you feel classy. A great example would be some side-swept bangs that taper down to your jawline. And you can also add small details, with the help of razor you can have deep razor lines. You can also try a blunt lob or long bob with some longer layers. Skip the styles that put too much volume on the top of your head. Choose styles that add volume to the upper part of your hair. If you have wavy hair, you might be able to pull off a brush up too. Clippers come with a number of guards of various lengths. You can also blow dry your hair so that the ends flip out slightly for some movement. You can also try some cornrows, regardless of your hair length.

Choose something that reaches your chin or shoulders. It might require one to use a bit of additional pressure to achieve close cuts. It will open up your eyes and play up your cheekbones. Trim the temple hairline at a right angle to the top of the hairline. Hairstyle with braid in front. If you have curly hair, try to keep the curls loose and soft. giving a man the rugged, masculine look that women love. A side ponytail that shows off your curls would also look cute. In fact, as a young man, we encourage you to experiment with different short and long cuts to find a look you love, so check out the latest young men’s hairstyles below for inspiration on your next visit to the barbershop! If you listen to the Rebel Cats you are probably familiar with their trademark pompadours. For this reason, it is critical to remove tangles before beginning. A center part would look the best, but you can try an off-center one too. Any uneven or rough patches will need to be leveled out. This is because it is always possible to take more off if needed, but impossible to put it back if one cuts too closely. Remove all guards from the clippers and set the blades to their lowest setting. If you want to keep your hair longer, try a pomp where you brush the top back in a poof, then slick the sides back against your head. Keep the top part of your hair a few inches/centimeters long so that you can style it. This will balance your shape and bring attention to those beautiful curls! If you add a side part, you'll enhance your cheekbones even further.

50 Cool Hairstyles for Big Forehead and Round Face - Men.

Choosing a Style Based on Face Shape and Hair Type Avoid cuts with sharp edges on the top and sides. Finish one quadrant completely before moving on to the next.  In this, both sides of the head have well-trimmed hair; in some styles, you have a long top, messy top, wavy    top,    curly top, straight top, fringes and small knots on the top defined sideburns and a plethora of facial hair styles can create the right balance. Instead, go for something that is cropped short, or grow your hair longer. Keep the rest of your hair longer, at least collar length

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