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This way you will be able to more easily assess that your tree braids are symmetrical on both sides. If at all possible, simply comb through your hair with your fingers, not a comb or brush. Kim caldwell hairstyle.

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You may want to go to a professional the first time you get tree braids.

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As you can see, micro braids also look beautiful when gathered into an elegant updo. Place it directly in front of where your braid currently stops, folding it around the outside and underneath before incorporating it into the next braid cycle. Some of the pictures are of styles I’ve created and some of the pictures are royalty free pictures from other websites. This will help your scalp health, aiding your natural hair growth. Place the middle of one of the small bunches of hair extension against your head, in front of the section of hair being worked with. Vigorous brushing or combing can pull the extensions out of your hair.

Simply cut your hair as usual, except that you need to keep your comb away from the completed braids at the scalp. The extension hair should be loose, also called bulk, but can have any other properties you like.There are a wide variety of extensions out there, with a ton of different colors, lengths, textures, and types of hair, from real to synthetic, available. At Braids Inc, we strive on delivering quality braids and weaves at reasonable prices. We suggest you take your braids out every two-three months so your natural hair can breathe and settle. You can also have the person who is getting their hair done divide the extension hair up as you go. Mark sanchez hairstyle. Remember, when you have braids, you won’t be able to clean as intense as you can now. The shaven sides will help you pin back the main braid. Stunning Micro Braids Updo Once you have your gorgeous braids, try this updo hairstyle. To maintain your braids, ensure you use a conditioner to keep them moisturised and fresh. Combine the natural hair with the extensions, maintaining the three equal pieces. There may also be suggestions of how much to buy listed on the packaging of the extensions you choose. We are centrally located in downtown Silver Spring to service the entire  African American Hair Braiding And Weave Styles Click on any of the links above to see pictures of different braiding and weaving pictures. You will only be pulling out one side of the extension, the other side will get pulled out on the next cycle. Use a comb to detangle your hair so it’s easier and quicker to braid. This will make the braiding process go much quicker. Use these two sections of hair to tie another knot, further securing the braid in place. Audrey hepburn updo hairstyle. We provide free phone consultation on braids and natural hair style, so give us a call. Drink plenty of water too, as this will help your hair to look fantastic. Unless you are VERY skilled at braiding, it would be very difficult to do this technique on yourself. Creating tree braids with wet hair is easier and provides better results. Undercut hairstyle for girls. It is important to avoid tying off the braid until you have reached the end of the natural hair

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