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When the real thing is brought in towards the end the Wolverines are pretty much wiped out. When building a militia in , you will discover that your attempts at having a nice, orderly militia will be foiled by your dwarves. Neither officers or enlisted personal salute anymore and ship captains actually get to vote on the fleet commanders battle strategy. Hairstyle wedge. And the Blue Team has no commanding officer at all, they're all privates. When an inclination to disobey orders is considered a valuable trait for your second in command, discipline is going to suffer. In the real military, if as few as two soliders are assigned to pick up trash, it will still be clear who is in charge. Whatever feuds the kabals have in their home is completely shelved until they come back to Commorragh and divvy up the slaves and loot. Misato is pretty informal but she puts her foot down when she thinks it is warranted: she was okay with two of her pilots dating each other because she thought it was cute, but she was against them sleeping together, and brought up chain-of-command concerns when her wards argued the matter with her. When Ultra Magnus is introduced to the Autobots, his hardass attitude clashes notably with the rest of Team Prime, particularly Wheeljack. Basic training for this unit was greatly simplified, and protocol barely followed, since many of the members had known each other on a first name basis for years from working together in the private sector. The only person who has anything that comes close to a military haircut is the four-star general. The Rangers are ranked as cadets, there's a distinct and rigid chain of command, and in at least once case, a cadet is demoted for conduct unbecoming of his rank. Their numbers are, barely, kept adequate only through prisoners being sent their as a punishment in exchange for avoiding death, so this isn't a great surprise that many that even the volunteers and disciplined things are looser in certain areas. Justified in that the Autobots aren't so much an army as an They've had to militarize their entire culture out of necessity, but that militarization doesn't necessarily run very deep. Later, though, an enormous and highly successful Mob-trained army is assimilated into Possiltum's, and we see it from the inside.

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50s men hairstyle. Another example from The American Revolution in , where all the farmers look pretty ridiculous when they muster for the militia. The titular characters of David Drake's are mercenaries loosely inspired by the French Foreign Legion, but they have pretty tight discipline and a defined hierarchy, Colonel Hammer tends to react to loose cannons by threatening to have them shot. Also justified in , where Optimus's crew are not, in fact, military. The Autobots we see are almost always a military contingent. As Starkweather puts it when you're first introduced to them: Starkweather: Bunch of dickless, gun-ho losers. The horror film , starring William Katt, has several scenes that take place in The Vietnam War. Then we have characters like Grit, a laid-back guy who openly mocks his superior, and Andy, who is easily distracted by a new wrench. It is a little strange that this is allowed, as Marines are supposed to have their own chain of command. The behaviour is semi justified by The Reveal of Burke's plan to bring the xenomorphs back to the company and the fact that the inexperienced Lt Gorman is in charge. When they are off-duty, the soldiers and even commanding officers of the Avalon army are pretty laid-back and often enjoy quipping or poking fun at each other. It’s a sleek and sexy look that many women find attractive, and it’s the easiest possible hairstyle to maintain, due to the lack of maintenance involved! With the right shape of your head and a nice scalp, bald certainly is beautiful. This is probably not only the actors' inexperience, but also because the director is trying to get them all into the camera's view. In Lancre, the royal army is a noble institution that takes its job very seriously. Buzz cut styles include the butch cut, crew cut, flattop and ivy league. Before you head down to your favorite stylist, check out online stylist software From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A is any of a variety of short hairstyles usually designed with electric clippers. : The Systems Alliance is fairly spit and polish, but the itself goes completely bunny ears after Shepard takes command. Side ponytail hairstyle. Though your average Aspect Warrior or Guardian will defer to the advice of an Autarch, a Farseer or an Exarch, they have no rigid ranking structure as we understand. Which shows very poor judgment on Command's part, considering the trouble they all get up to. Even the Freelancers are fairly lax about things, though-they're mostly left to do what they like how they like it.     Video Games  , your third faction of hunters looking to kill you are the Wardogs. Given what an utterly insane world this all takes place in, this is all perfectly in-character. Leia's uniform violations would never fly in the real Air Force, and Barbie's manner of speaking to those above and below him in rank is unprofessional, to say the least. This gets reinforced for the main cast once they leave, as anyone outranking their Book Dumb Blood Knight of a captain is very, very far away and they eventually get joined by a civilian who only really needs to follow the rules that prevent him from getting sick or killed. : Armies tend to be quite shambolic, if only for the sake of comedy - although it's also clear that conventionally disciplined, properly trained armies, which do exist, can be expected to had those idiots their butts. The American Volunteer Group, also known as the Flying Tigers, was a mercenary organization created with the tacit approval of the US Government. Youji Itami in is constantly accused of this, even by some of the more martinet members. The Israeli Defence Forces tend to act like uniformed civilians when off duty. Navy warship in the Gulf of Oman, while American officials say there was no direct contact. The REAL total lack of military protocol goes into Alicia once she does awaken to her powers

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