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Many famous Victorians were linked with the case, including writer Lewis Carroll and Queen Victoria's grandson Prince Albert Victor, but crime writer Tom Slemen and criminologist Keith Andrews revealed that they have uncovered new evidence which proves Conder was the killer. Police spokesman Insp Maphelo Ngame confirmed that police were investigating the possible existence of the "half-fish, half-horse" monster said to have savaged people crossing the Mzintlava river to Rubaleko village. The torso of a sixth woman who was believed to have frequented the neighborhood was found in a nearby alley. Akira is a very badass and cool character to play as and with this outfit. There was no evidence of a struggle or foul play and no drugs in his system. Instead, he disables their vehicle and gives them a ride under the guise of driving them to a service station. According to the researchers the cryptic messages carved on the victims' bodies and scrawled on a wall at the crime scenes were in ancient languages which Colonel Conder knew from working as an archaeologist in the Middle East.

One couple was left at a remote site at Ragged Island, off the James River near Smithfield. Police believe at least three of the killings may be the work of the same person. The bodies of six other women have been found in the same general area in East St. Colomb was the first black women connected to the murderer. Since then, nine more bodies has appeared downriver. All three victims were heroin addicts, and two were involved in prostitution. The victims seem to cluster according to physical type, such that it appears one killer has a preference for short, slim, brown-haired women. Eight months later, another body, still unidentified, was found in neighboring Ottawa County. Police originally dismissed suggestions that the cases were connected, in spite of the similarities between them. Her mother told her to walk back to the fair when she felt better. However, detectives can't establish a connection between the cases except the victims' hard lives as drug addicts who sold themselves for a fix and ended up dead in remote areas outside the city, some in suburban communities and others in outlying counties. It appears that the women could have been searching for employment in the area and were lured by a man and a women to their deaths. There is no hard evidence connecting the killings, but common threads tie them together. Police believe the murderer or murderers responsible for a family massacre in Wales knew the victims, and is probably one of the villager of Clydach. The suspected perpetrator hunts black prostitutes and thetrically stages their bodies at most crime scenes. Investigators acting on new information began to suspect that not one maniac, but an entire gang of ageing drunken perverts may be responsible for the monster's killing rampage.

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Domingo had been bound and her head smashed with a blunt object. Friar tuck hairstyle. Although the killings have stopped, "Ironman" was never apprehended. "I just do not think it's transients preying on transients. There have been no signs of forced entry in any of the cases. After a domestic dispute with his current girlfriend Gant was suspended from the force. While the man was in jail another young girl was found mutilated, lerading to the man's release. They also say they found a book called "The Killing Gift." That is a murder novel about a woman who can kill people without touching them. About a dozen people at the bar saw Sakara with Mark/John that night. Furthermore, no one really feels sorry for the women who, for all given purposes, have hopelessly disgraced themselves. Authorities now say that the killer seemed to have carefully selected his victims, picking out women who appealed to him and making sure that their mates could easily be disposed of

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