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Barack obama hairstyle. All in all, this felt a little like the Giants’ own personal solar eclipse. Pump waves hairstyle. Afterward, Beckham tweeted out the words “Thank U” and a prayer emoji. “They asked me a couple questions, but I know what today is, I know what happened yesterday, I know who we played last week, so I think I’ll be all right,” he said. will miss the Giants' season opener against the Cowboys because of the ankle injury he suffered in the preseason. to go through pregame warmups, but also recommends to have backup plans as his chances aren't great to play Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts   I am a Hurricane Katrina survivor. We tryna change lives and make the world a better place! It's really simple CLEVELAND – Odell Beckham knelt down in agony in the tunnel of FirstEnergy Stadium during Monday night’s second quarter with what looked like a potentially catastrophic leg injury.

READ MORE Offseason Training Update This season I'm back and ready for the grind to come. And after, he implied the preseason called for more discretion. When he first got up, he fired the ball on the grass at the Browns corner and then stared him down as he walked off the field.

Odell Beckham Jr. sprains his ankle but avoids disastrous.

The Giants did say Beckham “will undergo further examination,” presumably an MRI to also check his knee, which bent awkwardly on the low-but-legal hit by Browns defensive back Briean Boddy-Calhoun. READ MORE Verizon Fan Event Ever since I came to New York, the fans have shown me tons of love. Plus, Brandon Marshall also had X-rays on his shoulder, and though he tweeted an emoji of a flexed bicep, the Giants could not provide an update before flying home to New Jersey. “That is why Odell wants a new contract,” tweeted former NFL receiver Cris Carter, a Beckham advocate. He skipped OTAs in the spring to demonstrate that he wants a new contract to pay him compensatory to his value and to secure his future, and this is why he had every right to do so: it all could be gone in a flash. twitter.com/locs_tooreal/s… View details Preciate it legend. We’ll see where we go from here, but I’m going there tomorrow and we’ll get a look at it.” But there is no use risking anything. Offseason does not mean getting to kick back and wait for practices. Presumably, Beckham now will sit out Saturday night against the Jets at MetLife Stadium, even though the starters typically play the most in the third preseason game. Being an athlete you can't take yourself too seriously, that's not to say you shouldn't take t. Beckham is so important to the Giants because his game-breaking ability is all that bailed the offense last year out of its terrible running game, spotty pass protection and turnovers. READ MORE OBJ: Dance King They say I've been dancing since before I was born. Preseason, so …” Beckham said, trailing off and shrugging his shoulders. “This is why I hate preseason Bulls---…,” tweeted Miami Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry, one of Beckham’s best friends and a former teammate at LSU. In this life treat ur neighbor as u want to be treated.

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Every week the fans give me and my bruddas tons of inspiration, their energy be. Suddenly he was grasping at his leg on the football field in his first action of the preseason, fearing the worst. And one year later, it’s looking like he might have to counter those same deficiencies in the offense again on the field, from struggling in the run game to underutilizing Brandon Marshall. exited the Giants preseason game on Monday with a sprained ankle. great times in Orlando. video @heathervannorman  READ MORE Who I do it For Blessed to be able to inspire others. I’m pretty concerned, but I think I’ll be all right,” Beckham joked, with a mischievous smile beneath his floppy gold hair and matching headphones.

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I remember the horror and terror that struck our nation when the storm struck down in my home state of Lou. McAdoo’s answer was: “If he can play, he’ll play.” Beckham’s answer was: “It’s up to coach and the training staff. And Beckham probably began Monday thinking that staring into the sun from his hotel room with no glasses was his biggest worry. Fun playing catch with this lil man. Video: @Giants  READ MORE

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