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Talking to your hairdresser also makes the job easier on your hairdresser's end, because he or she will need to plan out the best cutting strategies to use depending on whether your final cut will be layered or one length. You must cut it in an angled or edgy manner, in such a way that it makes the hair at the front longer than the back. Once your bangs get rather long, you can create a deep side part on one side of your head and brush all the bangs forward. If your bangs or the front strands of hair become too long, you can braid your bangs off to the side. The easiest way to style pixie is smoothing your tresses with a dab of wax or ruffling them slightly with gel for a chic tousled touch. Growing out your pixie cut can bring about many awkward hair days, but if you know how to help your hair grow faster and try a few tricks to keep your lovely locks looking fashionable, the process does not have to be as ugly as you might fear it will be. If you want a cut that is nothing but edgy, this is the perfect one for you Asymmetrical If you're growing out your pixie, this is great for those times you don't want those pesky bangs in your face. The Wedge haircut is simply defined as an angled haircut, you can say it’s semi similar to the bowl cut but with longer parts in the front of the woman’s face in order to obtain the face framing. Hide the ends with a decorative clip or by slipping them behind your ear. You can say that the long wedge wasn’t added at the dictionary of the wedge cut hairstyles!!… Anyway, the long wedge cut style is more feminine, soft and glamorous than the medium and the short wedge cut styles.

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I’m telling you so, because many women including me myself are mixing between the both. A decorative headband can hide any sections of hair that have grown to an awkward length, but because it also doubles as a fun accessory, your hairstyle can still look playful, chic, and purposeful. If you are unhealthy, it might take longer for your pixie cut to grow out. Anyway, there are three categories of the wedge cut hairstyles which are the short wedge cut hairstyles, mid length wedge cut hairstyles and the long wedge cut hairstyles. Doing this is thought to help stimulate hair growth. The part should be roughly aligned to one of your ears. You may not realize it, but the overall physical state of your body can have a dramatic effect on the condition of your hair. To get the long wedge cut style, you need to cut your hair at the back of your head, specifically just below your nape. The wedge cut hairstyles are becoming more and more trendy and popular among the women’s community.

You may ask also ask your hairstylist to add some bangs, any style of the bangs hairstyles based on your personality and style!. Most people's hair grows and looks like a "mullet" shape when growing out a pixie cut. You can use clips and pins to sweep any misplaced strands out of the way while adding a touch of something special to your look. For best results, eat plenty of foods that provide nutrients involved in the hair growth cycle. Marcia clark hairstyle. So, hurry up and get yourself one of those modern and elegant wedge hairstyles. Before going to bed each night, treat your scalp to a brief massage. With this type of band, you can slick your bangs completely back and use the headband to hold them in place. You could try for a piece-y, wavy bob that hides imperfections or a choppy pixie or bob with layers designed to frame the face. Specifically, you need to cut your hair in a way to leave the hair at the front slightly longer than the hair at your nape. To get such a haircut style, all you have to do is to go to your hair dresser, ask him to cut the hair below the ear line and also the hair above the ear line in very sharp and angled way. This process is thought to stimulate blood flow, which could help your hair grow, as well. It might seem counter-intuitive, but making a regular trip to the hair salon to have your hair trimmed is actually a key component of successfully growing your pixie cut out. If you want long hair and want it now, check into buying hair extensions. To get that style, you need to cut all your hair in a straight way at the base line of the your face. The most seen, popular and trendy wedge cut hairstyles are the asymmetrical bob hairstyle, the inverted bob hairstyles, the angled bob hairstyles and the pixie cut hairstyles. Also, any woman with any skin color, hair color or hair texture can wear any of the wedge cut hairstyles. As it’s always been known that the wedge cut is either medium or short and there has been no long wedge cut!!.

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