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What your hairstyle says about you. Simply use your fingers to pull it back into an updo of your choice and leave some strands loose in the front.Christian VierigThere's nothing better than just embracing your curly hair as is. The front hair has been twisted to meet the braid at the back. You can combine these with loose wispy bangs like in the first two pics below or thicker curly ringlets like in the third pic. We have described lehenga, anarkali and ghagra choli hairstyles before. A front puff will make a good match for a beautiful lehenga. The juda with a mid poof brings out all that is traditional about Indian hairstyles. AmonwatvorakulHalf-Up Half-Down CurlsIf you have loose curls, they still count-and just need a little definition.

These are suited to formal functions such as wedding receptions, mehndi parties, gala events and the like. Shriya Saran shows us how it’s done with a curly open hairstyle to match her lehenga choli. We hope that this post will be a comprehensive guide for you. The lehenga or ghagra choli are such beautiful garments in themselves that sometimes it makes sense not to overcomplicate a hairstyle. An open hairstyle for long hair suits the long flowing pattern of the lehenga perfectly. Hairstyle for kids long hair.

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The gel formula offers the hydration of oil, but it doesn't feel heavy.Christian VierigCropped CurlsLet natural curls grow a little longer to create a small, fluffy Afro. The deep front fringe also contributes to the dark look.Gothic WeddingSee how this woman adds a touch of Goth to her expression with a scorpion tattoo on her upper arm. There are loads of variations to try. Jacqueline Fernandez looks beautiful in this braided bun. But with purposeful height and shape, you can make it look like your first choice instead of a backup hairstyle. If you're using a sulfate-free cleanser, you can wash every other day if needed," says Dellinger View Offers Shop and save big with the brands you love Ideas for lehenga choli or ghagra choli hairstyles are not always easy to come up with. This could be a pronounced puff for more formal occasions or a simple twist on either side for that more chillaxed look. Source The long heat curled side bangs match this lehenga choli perfectly. Lehenga dress and choli with side swept hairstyle and flowers. For a sleeker version of the ponytail-as seen on singer Aluna Francis-rub a bit of pomade between your palms to smooth the sides of your hair, then pull it up tight.

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"It’s not only those with big, thick curls that benefit from skipping the sudsy buildup and extra weight of too much shampoo in favor of a nonfoaming cleanser," says Arrojo. First, "build height in the top with a volume spray," says Pendley. "A lot of curly girls use alcohol-based gels, which further dries out your hair, causing frizz," she says. Another big plus: It doesn't hide your face! To DIY this miniature topknot, just grab the top half of your hair and pull it back as you smooth it with your hands. There are literally hundreds of variations one could do here. Combine your low loose bun with hair accessories to get a more classy look with your lehenga choli. After all, a lehenga choli exposes quite a bit skin so it is comforting to have something beyond your dupatta to cover an open back. Wedding hairstyle curls. "The two key elements needed to create the ultimate disheveled bun is volume and texture," says Arrojo. The braid separates a short fringe and loose bangs from a raised poof at the back. Alternatively consider decorating your hair with flowers which can also look really beautiful. "If you're using a sulfate-based shampoo, wash your hair one to two times a week max. Mahisha Dellinger, founder of Curls hair care line, recommends styling products with moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil. Cropped CurlsShort hair, don't care! If you have looser curls, like this, you may think that a cropped cut would be more of a headache to style than a showstopping look, but that's not the case. Secure it with a barrette or an elastic that matches your hair color.Daniel SimsHalf-Up Half-Down CurlsThis look's a little more defined but just as foolproof. No one will mistake this for a gym ponytail-trust us.Edward BerthelotThe Curly PonytailIf frizz what you're after, no sweat. Read on to get inspired about the various lehenga choli hairstyles you could do. "The more you touch it while it's dry, the more frizz you're going to get," says Dellinger.Christian VierigOne common cause of frizz: dryness. You also have a lot of options in doing up the front of the hair. "Gather the rest of your hair into a tight pony at the very top of your head," says hairstylist and Ouidad curl expert Chadwick Pendley. Bonus! It's easier to wear than styles cropped closer to your scalp.Melodie Jeng/Getty ImageThe Curly PonytailPull curls up into a high center ponytail. If you are wearing a lehenga choli you can definitely improvise a lot on the side braid theme to get looks that range from playful to sophisticated. It's simple, chic, and fast-and plays well with texture.Christian VierigThe Curly PonytailIf you have a very tight, fuzzy curl pattern, don't bother fighting it. Her dramatic double ponytailed hairstyle with a deep fringe has a mysterious touch.Gothic Swell HairstyleThe black lacey outfit shows off the side parted black flowing Goth hairstyle of this woman. When your hair is dry, use a rattail comb to lift up your roots even more.Spencer C. Curls hairstyle for long face. The front layers are cut asymmetrically while the hair on the top of the head puffs outward for an edgy look.With her long straight hair painted a bright aqua green this lady sports a green Gothic look with intricate forehead designs.Catwoman FashionGoth fashion is super cool. Source A side swept puff and loose curly locks brought forward on one side over the ghagra choli

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