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Now partition your hair into tiny sections and fold them into small pieces of foil paper. To get this look, middle part you hair and let it flow evenly on either side or let it fall to one side for a sexier look. If you iron your hair straight you will get a more even flow but you can also show off your curls if you have curly hair like Shriya Saran in the third pic. Shilpi Sharma does a messy variation of this hairstyle by letting thick bangs loose and combines it with a side swept fringe for a sexier look. She is a professional writer with inclination to versatility regarding niches and composition style. It will also keep hair out of the way if you really want to show off your choli. Braided buns with wispy loose bangs for lehenga choli. [: Hairstyles For Curly Hair] Watch this space, we would be giving out information on how to crimp hair at home and what is crimping of hair, soon! Bald Haircuts praises itself on having young and beautiful female models who see the experience as an opportunity to challenge themselves and grow with confidence and grace. These are suited to formal functions such as wedding receptions, mehndi parties, gala events and the like. Example of a diagonal puff with loose flowing hair that has been curled just above the choli. What you need to do here is to have plenty of bobby pins, securing every ball of the rolled up hair sections onto the scalp. Braid And Curl Braids are sweet enough as a style to wear and flaunt, and if you want the curls to come through with less heat, you could take help from braids to do the same. You’ll want to tie your hair up at the back with a simple claw clip and let the rest of your hair flow loose. Don’t use too much serum or it would bring about an oily look, and never apply serum to the root and the scalp, but just the mid section of the hair strands to the tips of the hair.

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The fair ones should go for bright colors while those with dusky complexion can go for dark shades of burgundy, dark brown, copper etc. They are incorporating into wedding marriage cosmetics look. Ariana grande hairstyle tutorial. With the help of a styling product sprayed on the rolled up balls, we would ask you to wait for a couple of seconds. pearl earrings to tone down the heavy salwar a notch. This has been paid attention to, by the hair stylists. Hairstyle with hat. In this manner her lipstick shade should be durable. The juda with a mid poof brings out all that is traditional about Indian hairstyles. For this you would need to dampen an old tee of yours, and place it on the crown of your head in a circular fashion.

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The front hair has been twisted to meet the braid at the back. We hope that this post will be a comprehensive guide for you. Source Retro style bun for lehenga choli with the braid passing from above. We have described lehenga, anarkali and ghagra choli hairstyles before. As seen on various Instagram accounts across the net, we noticed the use of plyers and on damp hair, getting the locks all crimped! Here’s how to crimp hair in less than ten minutes, without heat. In this blog post we hope to categorize all the various types of hairstyles you could do for lehenga choli: plaits, hair buns and judas, side swept styles, open hairstyles, front puffs and mid poofs as well as using various hair accessories such as head chains and claw clips. Hairstyle color men. Best hairstyle for large forehead.

After two minutes of doing so and depending on how strong you want the curls, you may open the braids and give the hair a brush with your fingers. Start by braiding your hair till the tip of the strands. This not only holds true for those who have grey hair but also for those who wish to do something new. This can be in the form of loose wispy strands or shiny ringlets if your hair do is more formal. Slowly remove the tee and part by part allow the hair to fall; some of it would be damp, which is okay. Over each paper balled up hair, use a straightening tong to add a little heat for a couple of seconds. No Heat Curls If you do not fancy using heat on the hair to make them crimpy and curled, you can still have your waves. Source Wearing a lehenga choli with a side braid and high puff with long curly ringlets Source Shilpi Sharma in her sexy loose bangs braid and sassy lehenga choli. Lehenga dress and choli with side swept hairstyle and flowers. It is important to mention that our hair creations are experiments; bold adventures into unknown territory. In fact, the brides have become quite experimental today and some of them even opt for hair coloring on their wedding. Related: Neckline Ideas for your Salwar Kameez These green stone studded gold and pearl earrings  make this yellow cotton salwar kameez what it is

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