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Why the right hairstyle works on Dunst: Again, length is key. It will open up your eyes and play up your cheekbones. And read this before you use it: How to Use a Flat Iron.Learning how to properly blow dry your hair can make a huge difference in your hair's appearance. But if you have a round face, it's important you choose a hairstyle that's flattering on you. Cut in layers so it doesn't get fluffy and you don't end up with a "triangle" look where the ends poof out like a Christmas tree. Get long layers cut in and create the waves with the barrel of a curling iron. Asymmetric Emo Hairdo With Teal Streaks Image: ShutterstockAn edgy emo hairdo, this sure is an offbeat way to go about it as far as emo styles are concerned. Why Waves are Better Than Curls In this gallery, I feature hairstyle that will slim a round face shape including short cuts, long one and shoulder-length bobs and shags. I've even seen some braids on older women that are absolutely gorgeous. You can also try a blunt lob or long bob with some longer layers. Use a head-and-shoulders photo, looking directly at the camera, with your hair pulled back from your face, and ears fully exposed -- this way you can try on every type of hairstyle! A plain white background is best. Side slicked hairstyle. It holds hair in place without making it sticky or stiff. View of men's styles, with options for short, medium, long, straight, wavy and combinations. Emo Hairdo With Dreadlocks Image: ShutterstockThis is by far one of the most daring emo girl hairstyles one can sport. Try a shoulder-length cut with layers between your chin and collarbone. Keri Russell's curls have been tamed here, her natural hair is much curlier. Hot Pink Layered Emo With Fringes Image: ShutterstockBold and totally outrageous, this emo hairdo is totally out there and in your face.

If you want something longer, have it be at least collar length. Wilson/Getty Images for Burberry This is a gorgeous, yet simple hairstyle on women with naturally thick, yet straight hair.

Top 101 Stylish And Smart Hairstyles You Must Flaunt This.

Here's why it works: is gorgeous on round faces because it lengthens the face. Rodriguez / Getty Images Amanda Bynes has a classic round face and this hairstyle is super flattering on it. Long hair elongates a round face and the way the hair falls like a curtain, it hides some of the softness of Dunst's face. As I've said earlier in this slideshow, round faces are not usually well-suited to bobs. Add them to an emo hairdo and the results are even better. It can be short or long, but it should be rounded on top and tapered at the ears. Don't straighten it, and let your natural texture do its thing. Straighten your locks to prevent heat-induced damage. Great new styles of all types are added all the time! Q. Bring out the natural shape and volume of your hair with layers. Mila Kunis Hair: Long, Straight Hair is Very Flattering on a Round Face Long hair always looks great on a round face and Mila Kunis proves it. Adding highlights would help define the style further. Apply hair serum so to minimize heat-induced damage. You can also use extensions to add length to your hair. Princess belle hairstyle. If you want shorter hair, you can go with a short, messy cut, or a crop. Keep in mind face shape isn't the only factor you should consider when opting for a new hairstyle. If you have wavy hair, you might be able to pull off a brush up too. Make sure that it is longer on the top to add volume and create the illusion of a longer face.

17 Choppy Shoulder-Length Hairstyles 2017 | Hairstyle Guru

You can also get a look with clean sides that's longer on top My Best Picks from Short Hair, Shoulder-Length Cuts, Long Hair & More Emma Stone shows off a great hairstyle for a round face. "All those little pieces help emphasize the cheekbones and eyes; it's almost as if you build in cheekbones with this cut," says stylist Jimmy Paul in Allure Magazine. Stone's layers are blended in so well that you can't tell there are layers. Add layers and volume if you are going for a masculine cut. Hairstyle tutorials for curly hair. Michael Buckner // Getty Images Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz, pictured here, pairs bangs with curls

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