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Get a cut with shorter sides to play up masculine features. Spiky Messy Haircut In order to achieve this hairstyle, the hair on top should be longer. Long Straight Hairstyle This may require more time for maintenance. After air-drying, part your hair at the highest point of your eyebrow. If you want something shorter, be sure to add some layers. A side ponytail that shows off your curls would also look cute. Next, add a small section from the right side of your hair to the right section in the braid. Side Swept Comb Over Hairstyle This cool haircut can be achieved easily especially if you have a straight hair. Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair the night before. Medium Curly Haircuts For Men There are various ways of styling your medium curly hair and the most typical is brushing it back. Why it’s attractive The classic quiff is manly-stylish when done properly. And you can also add highlights in this style to make it sassier. Long Hairstyle with Beard For men who have long hair, it is best to choose a hairstyle that can match with it. Cute hairstyle drawings. It’s a simple style that needs zero time for fixing up. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In the morning, take out the braid, spray a bit more product, and you’re ready to go!After you apply your texturizing spray, twirl your hair so it really soaks up the product.

60 Haircuts for Black Men in 2016 -

But you can have thick straight hair and look just as good in it. This works best with extensions, straightened, or relaxed hair. We have singers like Usher and Drake who’ve tried it.

It may owe its origin to the French word , which can mean either a hairstyle or, going further back, the mail that knights wore over their heads and under their helmets. You can also blow dry your hair so that the ends flip out slightly for some movement. Why it’s attractive The crew cut is a women’s favorite. This will make your face look longer and thus make you seem all the more elegant.

101 Different Inspirational Haircuts for Men in 2017

Why it’s attractive We see women swoon over Hollywood’s alpha male action stars who rock the bald look. Undercut hairstyle black male. Formal Short Haircut You can wear this hairstyle in any event. If you like to wear your hair down, give it a side part. Braided prom hairstyle. With this hairstyle, you’ll only have to wash your hair every few days. They’re great for men who don’t have the time to fix up their hair every day. Emphasize your bob's natural waves by loosely wrapping a few dry strands around a curling iron for a few seconds, then spritzing a wave-defining product on your hair. Open up a rectangular silk scarf and align the middle part with the back of your head. Messy Haircut Robert Pattinson looks very handsome in this haircut. Next, create a subtle side part so some of your hair falls in front of your face.For a fun touch, tuck some hair back behind your ear and secure it with a decorative pin. Plus anyone can try it – you don’t have to be black or balding. She originally modeled it on a fez-like hat that she owned. Men’s grooming expert Elle Medico calls the undercut “an attention getter” that’s perfect for outgoing men. And let’s not forget our fellow gentlemen with the balding gene who struggle with bald spots. Fade Hairstyle  This hairstyle is suitable for men who do not have enough time for styling their hair. Creative Short Haircut For Men This is suitable for men who have thick hair. If you want something shorter, try a classic, short bob that's cut straight along the bottom. For a more versatile style, keep the lines clean on your hairline, and leave the top part a few inches/centimeters long so that you can style it.  Some of these hairstyles can also look great on soccer players. Get something that adds volume to the top part of your face. The heavy top looks very trendy and classy basically. After you first tie the scarf, be sure to smooth out its back so it doesn’t look crumpled. Natural Soft Curls This hairstyle is perfect for men who have natural curls. If you have curly hair, try to keep the curls loose and soft.

16 Receding Hairline Hairstyles 2017 to Make You Look More.

Choose something that reaches your chin or shoulders. Black men or other guys with tight curls can use it as a very short Afro.

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