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For those not familiar with the show, Curse of Oak Island follows the adventure of Michigan businessmen the Lagina Brothers as they dig for buried pirate treasure on Oak Island, off the coast of Canada. Combed back hairstyle. And “don’t bogart that joint” after the actor Humphrey Bogart referring to treating something roughly. U.S Marines say that this type of hairstyle is handled only by the “hard charger.” We say that it’s one of a kind. It’s bold, it’s sexy, it’s for all ages, and it has all the confidence you need. Also, you need the skills to keep it awesome every day. This style is so carefully combed and has amazing texture. A more daring version of this high and tight is the horse shoe flat top. A razor comb can be used for touch ups and highlights or lowlights can add interest around the face framing layers. Texture that is amazing and some subtle highlights up the anti on this hot look. High and Tight Curls Rock those curls! Don’t shave your head just because you don’t look like Jon Snow. While this style looks a lot like a pompadour, the lines are not quite that. You must know, it’s going to be some time involved and some products, but it’s totally worth it. The Flair High and Tight One hairstyle that is a little bit more dramatic than the pompadour.

Easy hairstyle for homecoming. Whatever it is, it’s one courageous high and tight haircut. A fun new way to approach slicked back hair for sure! A bit of product and a comb are all that is needed for this style each morning. Psyche knot hairstyle. Highlighted Major Texture Surfer Cut Surfer style is hot, but unless you have hair that is naturally full of highlights, you might need some help from a good colorist to get this look. The High and Tight with Majestic Waves For this High and Tight haircut, the  waves must be higher than the Wavy High and Tight Cut. The high and tight flat top is made a great comeback, and we assure you it screams confidence. If you are in school and want a basic style, consider an ultra-short length. Add that to a high and tight haircut, and you’ll have a lethal combination. Here’s how you can know for certain that, as of this writing, the Oak Island treasure has not been found. The tribal like the design on the fade part of this look and the longer on top fringe gives a guy the option of having a low spiked mohawk or slicking hair forward or back. The perfect haircut for the redhead is clearly the High and Tight. For guys that want to call attention to the eye and jaw areas of the face, the Caesar performs better than many cuts. Or, it could very well be that these “booby traps” and channels are naturally-occurring, and treasure hunters are being thwarted by nothing more than the tide. And the legends of the Oak Island treasure are either contradictory or heavily biased, according to the Skeptical Inquirer. You may think that it doesn’t need too much attention. Shave both sides and keep the top hair messy and choppy. For pure simplicity and style, there is the classic crew cut. I had always assumed the elephant was named Jumbo because of its size.

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Summer Crop High and Tight with a Little Surgical Part You need a really prepared barber for this one. Leave some hair on the top, make it a crown to give it some height. There is nothing as confident as letting your facial hair grow and wear it content. High and tight with Side Sweeping The high and tight haircut never looked so elegant. This is one that will never go out of style because, if you have the skills you can turn it into a pompadour, or you could turn it into a bun, but that is a different story. This mandala style design is going to get you a lot of attention. Add some sea salt hairspray, and you’ll get to look like a good boy gone bad. If you want to look like a happening guy, then consider this slick and cool style. Guys with round faces can look to cuts like this to add more dimension to their face. This cut is good for shaping the face and for those that do not want a lot of thick hair on their head

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