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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Of the Mane Six, Fluttershy and Rarity have the longest tail and mane. Akuram, the Big Bad from , normally has hair held up by his Mask of Power, but once the mask is removed, his hair goes well past his waist, and in the anime, past his his knees. Zac efron hairstyle. Fluttershy's tail is the only one out of the Mane Six that trails on the ground. Haley of recently upgraded her short-short hair to Rapunzel Hair Godiva Hair. Litchi Faye-Ling has really long hair, even after tied to a ponytail. Fan authors in Tolkien's Legendarium often create characters with very long hair, especially Elven ones, in keeping with characters that appear both in the original works and in the film adaptations. The more eastern-stylized characters often have Hime Cuts, while more western characters fit this. Kili of used to have short hair, but ever since she and her boyfriend Greg became werewolves, their hair has started growing incredibly fast and is now pretty much always at this length. Princess Leia, when she finally lets her hair down in. has Tamaura, whose hair is twice the size of her frail body and is composed entirely of Regal Ringlets.

Note: On occasion we mention that ‘several costume versions are available’. hair tonic gaining sentience in the process, but it was shown to be the same length before. One of Pavel Bazhov's stories is about a man who wants to marry a girl with gold Rapunzel Hair. Long hair is a common thing with musicians, particularly Heavy Metal to the point where some metalheads hilariously treat the length of one's hair as Serious Business. Princess Kaguya though makes all of the above look like chumps. Braids hairstyle 2014. If that much grows very fast, it's Rapid Hair Growth. Jasmine has quite the curtain of brown hair behind her, too. horn thing, which goes down to her waist and never moves. somewhat subverted/lampshaded, as the main character can touch her hair, but discovers it's pretty coarse, dirty and full of split ends. Tsuruya from has, in some official artwork, ankle-length hair. Though the closest of confidants, Beavis and Butt-Head have a jaded, violent, and at times borderline sadistic relationship. Both Maria and La Muerte from , have hair that reaches all the way down to their ankles. : This is a common style in Umbria, even having a spiky variant worn by Felincia. "It was the style at the time." Played for laughs in. : Iron Man is the creation of millionaire Tony Stark who dons the high-tech orange/red cyber-suit to become another of the Avengers. Men only cut their hair when they have been defeated in battle. Brian Fair, lead singer of Shadows Fall, also has hair down to his knees. For all these reasons, it is associated with those of high status. He can be inadvertently witty and, when discussing subjects that neither he nor Butt-Head understand, he is more likely to guess the actual mechanisms at work. In Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, Beavis is reunited with his biological father, who seems to exhibit the same pyromania obsession as Beavis, as well as an overt physical resemblance. It's even more telling when Washu, Ayeka and Sasami must put their hair up just to go into the hot springs or even sleep. Not to mention that it's also very wide, forming roughly a pear-shaped silhouette when viewed from the front. Her full-gauge win and lose animations consist of her hair untying itself to show just how much of it she has. The caesar hairstyle. Rogue also had very long hair in the mid-nineties and the eighties. Starfire's hair was shortened for the animated , on the other hand, villain Cheshire's hair was lengthened: it seems to fall to about her knees. He also took Kaopectate once after hearing it is for diarrhea under the misconception he would diarrhea; he was only soothed by an enormous bowel movement which he saved in his dresser drawer, much to Butt-Head's disgust.

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Her daughter of the future Severa has just-as-long hair, which she keeps in Girlish Pigtails. Also, Ariel's innate limited shapeshifting means she has a practical use for her long hair - trying to grab it in combat will likely result in it coiling around your arm like a snake and wrenching you to the ground. Mildred remarks that she doesn't look half as frightening when her hair is down

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