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Hold the section of hair so the ends are facing upward and use the cutting shears to trim the ends, pointing the scissors down and in as you trim. Yes, you read it right.Ask your stylist to take that brush and paint vibrant midnight blue all over, with the exception on the sides. I’ll Take It All PinkIf you’re one of those girls, who like to take their hair pink… like, really pink, then this pixie was meant for you. Take the pink, which strikes the eye the first, then the orange undertones, violet highlights, as well as the gray bottoms. The lift at the top brings the focus upwards and makes her face a. Copper Curly Pixie HaircutWe’ve talked about pixie haircuts, in different colors and styles, but here’s one that stands out for its fiery color. Midnight Blue BoycutYou probably noticed we love the midnight blue when it comes to hair colors. Ask the stylist to make your bob a touch shorter in the back. To get this look, you'll need a curling iron and styling spray. She doesn't have angular features, but the bob makes her soft face seem stronger. Consider allowing a professional to create the style and then keep it trimmed yourself at home. Just a heads up if you can’t decide which color you’d prefer to go with. Crazy man hairstyle. 50s men hairstyle. From the sassy undercut to the shades of blue and turquoise to the “don’t mess with me” bangs over the eyes, it’s all about the attitude. Yes, he's in the US, but he routinely ships to the UK and the quality of his products are worth going to the trouble to ship to the UK. Curly Bob HairstylePixie doesn’t always mean super short. Not so many years ago, it was considered an insult to walk into an office or to go on a date with hair that basically looked disheveled. Curly Bob HairstyleIf you try to categorize women based on their haircut preferences, there would be two types: long vs short hair. Toddler cinderella hairstyle. How about a short spiky bob that has all the cotton candy colors that make your mouth turn into the Atlantic Ocean. Punked-Up Pixie HaircutPunk never goes out of style even in terms of short hairstyles, proved and tested. If you have wavy hair, you can straighten it with a flat-iron or wear it wavy. But what really sets it off is her grey hair color. You're actually better off buying from the USA for a lot of the bits and bobs you need for straight razor shaving. Your look will be softer if you ask your stylist to paint your hair, not dye it. You can flat iron hair so it's sleek and sophisticated, you can curl hair or let it air dry, like Naomi Watts did here Everything on hairstyles including latest trendy, hairstyles tips. You can easily switch it up to punk and crazy, depending on your mood.Now, the color really is an addition based on preference. This hairstyle is ideal for her thick hair type as it works with her natural volume and body throughout, especially in the crown area. This will help to trim and shape the hair so it is at an even angle to the back section of your hair. Highlight the sides with lighter, more pastel-like shades. This hairstyle is easy to maintain with regular trims. That may sound like an odd theme, as people generally want their hair to stay in place, however this is about a look and is descriptive of the overall feel of hairstyles   Punk hairstyles are in the category of hairstyles that are simply hard to ignore. Copper means no purple shampoos and regular color correction sessions. Although not the trendiest choice you can make now, this hairstyle still caught our attention.Guess what, just when everyone is betting on pastels, vibrant blues and reds, grays and violets, you might score big time with this beautiful copper bob that would make the news in the Roaring Twenties. Whatever vendors will tell you, mass produced razors are not usually sharp enough to shave with right out of the box.

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Buttery blonde and black messy A-line bob Buttery blonde is big in the blonde family right now.

Face Shape Suitability: Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangular Description: The ends of this layered hairdo are jagged cut all over to achieve a low-fuss hairstyle that is perfect and versatile enough to dress for any occasion. http://www.gentlemans-shop.com/ is good too, but their razors are not hand honed. This Hair Is on Fire Messy PixieThis is one of those short hairstyles that make me think of art students, or maybe a high fashion mad scientist. Pint-Sized Pixie CutThere’s more than what meets the eye with this cute, classy pixie cut. Do this around your entire head so the ends are blended. You can get it from Classicshaving or directly from Lynn here.Click to expand.

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Every time you run your fingers through your messy bob, there will be a hint of shimmer that can be quite appealing. Lisa Rinna looks trendy and chic here in a layered, shoulder length ‘do. Get a cute pixie bob, but forget the extravagant color options. You can let your long bob air dry naturally, and it will look great, too. The side layers were just long enough to cover her ears and soften the sides of her look. It can be a kitty, batman, your own name, phone number, and… your imagination is your limit.Don’t think it’s only for color-maniacs. Only this time, she’s going with a brown/caramel color rather than blonde. It’s glam, trendy, edgy, and feminine at the same time.It goes well with a tight black evening dress and a casual white T-shirt

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