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Shaved hairstyle. The feathered long layers don't work and the bangs shorten the overall shape of the face making it appear much shorter than it really is. It's also important that petite women choose hair accessories carefully, as overly-frilly or fancy bows, barettes and ponytail holders can make them seem juvenile. To suit heavy bangs, the side part could move to the middle, creating a slimmer shape, or height could be teased into the crown area. The Wrong Long Hairstyle From a face shape suitability perspective, this hairstyle does nothing to show off the models great oval face shape. To keep color vibrant, use Kérastase Chroma Protect Protective Polishing Cream to enhance color. Women with larger builds need to be aware, however, that their hairstyle can sometimes work against them unless carefully chosen. Or hairstyles that just cover over your beautiful face shape. Extra-volume in a hairstyle translates as "extra weight" on the face and body. Yet many people are unaware that their hair could be all wrong for their body type. Again, proportion is the key.        Full-figured ladies should avoid overly-voluminous hairstyles, known in some areas as "big hair". The only thing to consider with an oval face shape is what part of your face you want to accentuate. Photo by Michael Williams Highlight Heaven / Mix multiple colors with piecey layers to get extreme high drama and sassy sophistication. This style works well and has no negative effect on the length or width of the models face shape. Color at home with Dark & Lovely Fade-Resistant Rich Conditioning Color in Soft Amber. Avoid heavily curled styles which can either make your head appear large or make you appear too child-like. Photo by Eric Fischer Satin Black / To get lustrous, sleek strands of black, use a semi-permanent hair color such as Dark & Lovely Reviving Semi-Permanent Hair Color in radiant black. Streak those honey strands with lowlights of a darker color to add dimension.

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The Right Medium Hairstyle This chin length bob cut with side-swept bangs sits nicely on the models oval shape face.

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Alternatively, no height or bangs would also look just as good. Good choices in color to warm the skin tone or add highlights and lowlights to curled styles add to this effect. Tall/Athletic: This is considered the ideal body type in that virtually any hairstyle is suitable. Andy dalton hairstyle. Photo by Eric Fischer / Make a statement with smoldering hues of deep, warm colors like reds and dark browns. Business hairstyle

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