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Taper hairstyle for men. More often the hoods were folded back, and the vehicle was used as a barouche, ie for fashionable people to ride in and be seen. They were often called "inexpressibles" as they were quite revealing, leaving very little to the imagination. Look out, K-fed! : Make your hair tool of choice do double time by learning to curl your hair using your regular straightener. A scarf of silk or net, generally with a gold-embossed border. It convened each January, so those involved in the government would head back to town at that time. were made of real hair and generally came as a “pull on and wear” cap/weft style. For evening, or for formal servants’ livery, they might be made of satin. New post boys were trained by riding the lead team with the wheel-boy calling out instructions from behind. Its unofficial boundaries are Picadilly on the south, Oxford on the north, Park Lane on the west, and Regent Street on the east. So glam and sexy! Cute Satin Headband Tutorial: Learn how to pull off this schoolgirl chic style that will have you giving off that innocent schoolgirl vibe. Dressed for riding, the gentleman is wearing top boots with boot garters and spurs. A baron’s wife is not typically titled a baroness, though she is addressed as Lady Titlename. Two long strips of material, most often lace, that hang from the top of the head down the back or over the shoulders. The degree of brilliance in a diamond is called its “water”, so a “diamond of the first water” is an exceptionally fine diamond. The cutting-edge Sassoon styles were fresh, sleek and sharp – and the looks were imitated around the globe. A few years later they went all hippie, influencing men to grow their hair and sparking the trend for facial hair. Still, it's marked as a Regency bonnet by its fairly large, cylindrical crown; later headwear had crowns that were more like cones with the point chopped off. Gentlemen's Fashion Terms A loose-skirted coat worn by men as a dressing gown. The titles of duke and marquess are almost invariably territorial, eg Duke of Devonshire, Marquess of Salisbury, etc. You have a world of opportunities atop your very own head! Hair Highlighting Tips: Do not go this route alone! Read these directions very carefully for sun-kissed highlights that will look so natural they’ll have your friends asking for the name of your stylist. An imitation lace with a muslin net ground on which floral cut-out designs were sewn. How to Make a Perfect Ponytail: Don’t just wear a ponytail, MAKE it perfection hanging from your head. In Regency slang, it meant gossip, eg “the latest on dit.” Beyond marriageable age; no longer wanted. Similar to what might today be called a stole or a boa. Typically worn with evening dress, attached to one shoulder and hanging long down the back. For example, if the new Earl of Somewhere, the son of the late earl, is a young man when he inherits the title and has no wife, his mother continues to be styled Countess of Somewhere. Ken Paves, who’s Jessica Simpson’s famous stylist, has his tips on all things hair on Oprah’s website. These ruffled white caps were worn indoors by most married women and spinsters; when such ladies went out, they simply put their hats on over the caps. Copy Keira Knightly’s Bob: Here’s another popular celebrity bob, and it’s actually quite easy to do! It does not come with pouty lips, however. They were usually held at the waist with a chain, like a watch chain. Gotta love that! Putting Your Hair in a Bun with a Pencil: Every gal needs to know how to use the tools around her to deal with her hair on the go. The post chaise was “steered” by postilions, or post boys, seated upon the horses. Be creative! Mix and match these tutorials, have fun and keep ’em guessing Chemise: The chemise was the only ladies' undergarment used during the era. You can see the guard standing on he back of the coach, blowing his yard of tin. Worn with boots by men of fashion for all occasions when boots were appropriate, even when not riding. Marquess is an older and purely English form.earl/countess: the Earl/Countess [of] Titlename, addressed as Lord/Lady Titlenameviscount/viscountess: the Viscount/Viscountess [of] Titlename, addressed as Lord/Lady Titlename.baron/baroness: Baron/Baroness Titlename, addressed as Lord/Lady Titlename. “The Marquis of Anglesey Driving his Curricle” – lithograph after Henry Graves. Muffs were generally tubular, and made of fur, feathers, padded silk, and various other materials.They varied in size, sometimes reaching enormous proportions. A short chain or ribbon with an attached medallion or ornament that connected to a man’s pocket watch and hung from a small pocket in his waistcoat.

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They are most often made of linen or cotton, lightly boned for additional stiffness, and laced up the back. You can see the normal shoe has been slipped into a leather patten raised on a metal ring. A covering for both hands as a protection against cold, also used simply as an elegant accessory.

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Made of cotton or linen, early female drawers were made of two tubular pieces of fabric for the legs, attached to a deep waistband.

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