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Always start by moisturizing your face and dabbing on a primer with a blending sponge. Create flawless looking skin to get your face ready for other products. Use a cotton swab to place a very small amount of highlight just above your cupid’s bow. Choose a shade lighter than your own skintone if you are not naturally pale. Punk short hairstyle. Contour your cheeks with a contour powder or bronzer. Use concealer on a small brush to trace around the edges of your lip and create a sharp, defined line. Black updo hairstyle. Use a light peach blush on your cheeks between the highlight and the contour. Too dark of a brow color could overwhelm the rest of the look. Highlight your cheekbones and nose bridge with a non-shimmering highlighter. Brighten your lids below the crease by patting on a pearl or satin-finish eyeshadow in a beige, peach, or nude shade. Brush the highlight at the high points of your cheekbones and down your nose, as well as just under the brow bone. Blend outward toward the tip of your brow, and concentrate the bulk of the shadow on the outer third of your crease. Apply generous coats of black mascara to boost up your lashes on top and on the bottom. Strengthen your jawline by brushing the contour powder along your chin and jaw up to your ears. Blend out into the foundation with a small concealer brush.

Use a fluffy brush to top your whole face with a translucent powder. Lana doesn't often use an extreme contour, but she does shape her features slightly. Use a complementing primer, foundation, concealer, and powder to build a smooth, pale base that imitates Lana. Use a light hand and gently brush on a small amount of powder to set the look. Fill in your lips with the liner to help your lipstick last longer. Simply opt for the palest version of your natural color. Use your lipstick and a lip brush to apply color to your lips. Take the same color used on the crease and apply it lightly along the lower lashline using a flat brush. Use a flat brush, and concentrate most of the product on the center of your lid. Start by defining the bottom line of your brow, keeping it straight at the arch.

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Lana wears a variety of shades, including reds, soft pinks, nudes, and berries. Draw a straight line down from the tip of the wing down to the line you created on your eyelid. Connect the wing to the rest of your eyeliner by creating a triangle. Set with a clear brow gel to keep the natural hairs in place. Slick back hairstyle for men.

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Do not try to change your skin tone all together, though. Once you have a baseline for the shape of your brow, fill in the area above it. Choose a color no more than a shade darker than your hair’s root color. Look at their make up and see what features make it unique. Use a light hand to define your cheekbones and highlight the high points on your face

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