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Later, as those songs became popular, the original artists' recordings received radio play as well. The phrase "rocking and rolling" originally described the movement of a ship on the ocean, but was used by the early twentieth century, both to describe the spiritual fervor of black church rituals and as a sexual analogy. Topics such as sex that had generally been considered taboo began to appear in rock and roll lyrics. Cliff Richard and his backing band, the Shadows, were the most successful home grown rock and roll based acts of the era. Grunge, known to some intellectuals as "heroin rock", is a genre defined not in terms of traits of the music but merely by living in Seattle. In the crossover of African American "race music" to a growing white youth audience, the popularization of rock and roll involved both black performers reaching a white audience and white musicians performing African American music. During and immediately after World War II, with shortages of fuel and limitations on audiences and available personnel, large jazz bands were less economical and tended to be replaced by smaller combos, using guitars, bass and drums. TripAdvisor commenter Barb from North Tonawanda, New York /ˈrɒk ənˈroʊl/ See more synonyms on /ˈrɒk ənˈroʊl/ a style of popular music that derives in part from blues and folk music and is marked by a heavily accented beat and a simple, repetitive phrase structure. Learn more Let your Heart Race. Race for FREE on a charity entry. Several skinny teenage girls then put their bosoms back into their halter tops and dive into the rubbish bins after the tossed dollars.

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Main article: Social effects of rock music Rock and roll influenced lifestyles, fashion, attitudes, and language.

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Many of the earliest white rock and roll hits were covers or partial re-writes of earlier black rhythm and blues or blues songs. Doo wop would be a major influence on vocal surf music, soul and early Merseybeat, including the Beatles. Guido hairstyle. Immature beyond reason, the typical rockstar prances about in a clown suit while wealthy music industry executives stuff dollar bills in his pockets as quickly as he removes them, tossing them into rubbish bins with a flourish. Concave hairstyle. The problem with this argument is that classic rock includes several sub-genres that are anything classic, namely: Utterly Talentless Rock, such as Styx. The migration of many former slaves and their descendants to major urban centers such as St. Samurai bun hairstyle. Many observers saw rock and roll as heralding the way for desegregation, in creating a new form of music that encouraged racial cooperation and shared experience. Megyn kelly hairstyle. Indeed, amateur garage-based musicians perform their pieces with no less proficiency than those who frequent the concert halls. The contrast between parental and youth culture exemplified by rock and roll was a recurring source of concern for older generations, who worried about juvenile delinquency and social rebellion, particularly as to a large extent rock and roll culture was shared by different racial and social groups.

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The most notable trend, however, was white pop covers of black R&B numbers. About the same time, a British blues scene developed, initially led by purist blues followers such as Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies who were directly inspired by American musicians such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf

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