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They were soon set upon by a quartet of Dark Jedi, and after the battle, the injured Knights remained behind to guard the as Revan's group headed on into the station. His mastery of Force drain was passed on to his Order's Sith Assassins, and eventually Darth Bane.

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Using his knowledge of battling the Basilisks during the war, Revan took advantage of the droids' inability to change direction quickly to damage one and then slay the rider. I love you like I haven't loved anyone or anything since my wife died.

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Revan's skills in the practice were such that he was able to subtly influence the Sith Emperor to postpone the Great Galactic War for three-centuries as he learned about the Sith war effort, and then later persuaded him to sign the Treaty of Coruscant. Revan's alliance with Shae Vizla's Mandalorian clan did not last long, and when the Nova Blades came under attack by a mysterious pirate group, Revan ended his agreement with the pirates as they had served their purpose. Straight hairstyle men. Revan believed that the power of the dark side was to be craved, and that power must be sought above all else. While creating the initial story of Revan, BioWare's game designers realized they needed a good antagonist, and they developed the character of Darth Malak to explain how and why Revan lost his powers and memories. Revan tried to persuade his former friend and apprentice to surrender and return to the Jedi; if he could be redeemed, so could Malak. Returning to his apartment, Revan found his wife watching holovids in their living room, and the two both told each other that they had news: Shan announced that she was pregnant. A military genius, Revan was renowned for his tactical thinking and decisive leadership even as a Jedi Knight. "Gaze upon me and see your doom! I am Darth Nyriss, Lord of the Sith. However, Clan Jendri attacked just before dawn the next morning, as Revan was awoken by his danger sense to find Canderous once again gone. When Revan finally succeeded in rescuing the Jedi on Taris, Shan was initially rather arrogant and brash, believing herself to be superior to Onasi and Revan because of her powers. Revan was initially horrified that the Republic operatives had released him, as it meant that he could no longer restrain the Emperor, but the ghost of Surik appeared to him and calmed her friend, informing Revan that he had to be freed before his strength failed. Bereft of Revan's guidance, the Sith are consumed by unrest, and their attempts to control the Star Forge are repeatedly met with failure. "I had a feeling you were going to get mixed up in something interesting, and I wanted to be around for the fun. Preparing to attack Revan, Veela demanded that Canderous decide, but her husband refused and the Mandalorians attacked.

But Malak would rather die than be a "true slave of the Jedi code." He sealed Revan inside the chamber and activating six droid replicators to see if that the Star Forge itself would kill Revan. Scourge, Surik, and Revan then agreed that they would try and kill the Emperor, as now was their best chance at eliminating the threat he posed to the galaxy, and Revan suggested that they all get some rest before dawn. With the release of The Old Republic, Lucasfilm Ltd. However, Revan was mentally tortured for centuries by the Emperor and the fear-wielding Sith Lords known as the Dread Masters; the Sith sought to twist him to the dark side and remake him as the Emperor's servant, and though he was able to resist, Revan's mind eventually fractured under the strain. Revan's arrival interrupted the private performance a dancer was giving Ordo, though the Mandalorian shooed the Twi'lek away so that he could speak with Revan. Over the next three years, Revan remained a prisoner in his cell as Scourge tortured him for information, and after the first few months Scourge had extracted everything that Revan remembered

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