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Depending on whether our tresses are long, short or medium, and whether they are thick or sparse, we have to pick the hairdo that can aptly accentuate our features and complement our style statement.Medium hair has its own perks and negatives at the same time.

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This is yet another delicate and dainty looking updo for the urbane woman in you. Twist the middle portion back, leaving the sides out, says Abergel. Casual Twisted Low Bun Effortlessly graceful and easy to sport, the casual twisted low bun is a fun way to style your locks this season. You can also add a barrette over the elastic or use a decorative band instead to add a little flourish to your braid. You can incorporate hair extensions or braiding hair into any of these styles for a fuller look. This hairstyle is a quick fix if you’re having a bad hair day. When it comes to updos, tresses of medium length can present a very pretty picture, if done right. Take a small section at each temple and tightly French-braid it, working back toward your crown; secure each braid with a clear elastic. If you're unsure about how to braid the hair without damage, or if you're displeased with the overall look, visit a local salon or hairstyling business that specializes in African-American hairstyles.

Casual Braided Updo With Loose Ends Hep and a little unkempt, this hairdo is perfect for a casual day out. Braids, when worn for long periods of time, can be damaging to the hair, and you could cause irreparable damage to the natural hair Gareth Cattermole/Getty Image The Fishtail Braid WHY IT WORKS "I love the softness of the sweeping hair across the head," says celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel of Diane Kruger's look. If your hair is short to medium, but you want to wear any number of African-American hairstyles, incorporate synthetic hair or weaves into your braids. Dimitrios Kambouris/FilmMagic The Angled French Braid WHY IT WORKS "Kate Hudson's style is actually very classic," says Abergel. Braided Sock Bun Yet another sock bun to rock your hair. This hairdo is delicate and has a tinge of Bohemian flavor to it. Also, the multitude of factors that we girls have to consider before opting for a hairdo can get tiring. 60s hairstyle for short hair. Using oil or leave-in conditioner can ease the frizz and make the braid look neater. If you want your hair to look fuller, you can gently fluff out the ropes in your braid to give it width. Watch this video for a refresher on how to French-braid hair. NATURAL TWIST BRAID African Braided Hairstyles with bangs for Black WomenAfrican Braided Hairstyles with waves for Black WomenAfrican Braided Hairstyles with waves for Black Women Sarah Maingot Braided Crown The version shown here, which works for medium-length to long hair, was created with French braids. You do not want them to unravel or become too loose. Nerd hairstyle. in this article we featured both braided natural hair and hair extensions. If you have been looking for that braided hair style that will make you stand out of the crowd this is the perfect one.Especially for those that have naturally curly hair. French braid from one side of your part to the other, working all the way along the hairline to behind the opposite ear. To keep it tight, you’ll want to pull the twist tight to your scalp as your work. Undercut hairstyle for fat guys. This will help to reduce on the damage heat tools cause to your hair.Make sure your hair is dry before you sleep; love your hair and pay great attention to it, before you sleep check your hair and make sure its completely dry. Inverted Braid Updo Bring some life to the boring braids by teaming up with an updo. Next, pull one braid up over your head and bobby-pin it an inch back from your hairline. David Livingston/Getty Images, Tony DiMaio/ The Classic French Braid WHY IT WORKS "Amanda Seyfried is wearing a high neckline, so it's nice to accentuate her neck and open up the lines of her face," says Abergel. Messy Top Bun Uber chic and casual, the messy bun is more often than not the urban girl’s go-to hairstyle. Chain Braid With Low Bun Apt for high street fashion, this hairdo can make you get the looks straight out of a runway show. Use one hand to hold this section up and the other to tease it at the roots with a fine-tooth comb, making a little pouf. Tease the lower section using the teasing comb to create a voluminous effect. Loop the hair through a hair elastic to create a half loop updo. The faux hair updo is perfect for hair that is of shoulder-grazing length. Repeat the twisting process on the rest of your hair. "The key is mimicking the beautiful undone texture in the braid." EXPERT TIP Use a combination of beach spray and wax pomade to rough-up your hair, Abergel advises. Twist each braid until it curls into itself; bobby-pin in place

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