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The hakama is a type of pants or trousers that hang loosely about the legs and are worn over the kimono. 1920 male hairstyle. A samurai was expected to follow the orders of his daimyo with absolute obedience. Tattoo by Horitoshi-iEven women get samurai tattoos. Gosh Dang It to Heck!: The last line of the Samurai Pizza Cats Oath. Interspecies Romance: Emperor Fred who's a Panda married Empress Frieda who's a rabbit. Ridiculously Human Robots: Although the show's entire cast is comprised of robots, they still eat, drink, sleep, go to the bathroom, catch colds, have children, etc. West Coast Team: The Rescue Team, and the American Team. Frothy Mugs of Water: On a couple of occasions in the dub. Freeze-Frame Bonus: Pictures of Marilyn Monroe, the cover art of Pink Floyd's , and other things can be found hidden in hit flashes. Pizza Cats Can Breathe in Space: At least when in their Super Extra topping Forms. The singer of the theme song does a hauntingly accurate impression of Lynde. Despite his extreme reservations, Tim resolves to be there by his son's side at his wedding - he's his son, and he'll love him no matter what. To do this is to show respect for the laws of the universe nature and the cosmos never act dishonestly, so neither should the samurai. Very few people were exempt from the shaved forehead and the queue during the Qing Dynasty Until the rule of Emperor Meiji, samurais were the only individuals allowed to carry swords in public. Anyway, UNFORGIVABLE! Those Two Guys: Mother Mutt and Junior. This is probably true, but honour might have little to do with it. The Qing adopted the slogan, “keep your hair and lose your head, or keep your head and cut your hair,” to make clear their stance. A samurai was placed above farmers, artisans and merchants, and were the only class – other than the ruling class – allowed to carry swords. They capture so much character and mystery at the same time. There Was a Door: In one episode Polly gets SO TICKED off she runs right through the wall of the pizza place- even though the door was right across from her! This Is Unforgivable!: Before he uses his Finishing Move, Yattarou always recites a that ends with this. Schizo Tech: Little Tokyo has a curious mix of robots, high tech armor, and Shogun era Japan. Gag Dub: Considered to be one of the best uses of this trope, by the actual licensee. Those were replaced with American jokes and puns instead. If you are looking for authentic Japanese armor, try browsing the sites of antique armor dealers or re-creators. Ridiculously Cute Critter: Polly, Francine and the Ninja Crows. Hairstyle for second day hair.

Decapitation Presentation: Humorously subverted in one particular episode. Four-Fingered Hands: Applies to virtually everyone in the show. Iron or leather plates hanging from the waist like a skirt to protect the waist and upper legs. Become a master in hand-to-hand combat and kenjutsu/Iaido and others will come to learn. In Samurai Pizza Cats, Speedy's companion Ginzu sword is named "Binky". Hakama are secured in place with several knots tied about the waist and typically have five pleats on the front: three to the right and two to the left. Traditionally, samurai were expected to learn a form of the martial art today known as jiu jitsu as part of their training.

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Palette Swap: The American Pizza Cats' counterpart to Francine is Abigail, who looks just like her except with slightly different coloring. While, once again, this sort of extreme loyalty is out of place in the modern era, it's still possible to practice Chuugi by sticking by the people in your life that you are honor-bound to in times of difficulty, like your friends, your family, and the people who are dependent on you. Many hundreds of thousands died opposing the queue before the majority of China could finally be brought under compliance. Megaton Punch: Polly does this on friends and foes alike. Wedding hairstyle side swept. The misconception over the queue is a result of the ‘honour’ theme present in many of these movies, the generalizing of Oriental cultures by western audiences, and common tropes found in Far East themed movies. Evil Sounds Deep: Bad Bird in the original Japanese version and the Spanish dub, as he gets a much deeper voice than just about everyone else in the cast. However, a modern-day samurai can still adopt the devotion and focus of samurais from the past when learning to fight with modern-day weapons. Just Between You and Me: Parodied in the following exchange that takes place in one episode of the Japanese version. Rockabilly hairstyle for women. In reality, if Wang had gone back to China, he would have been beheaded for treason. It was licensed as part of a Follow the Leader movement, though. In one episode he actually gives the Cats a piece of vital information, because the episode was running long. Helmets also generally had a small hole directly in the top to hold the samurai's "top-knot" hairstyle.If you're making your own helmet, a good idea is to start with an old bike helmet as your base. A samurai valued his honor above almost everything else, even sometimes his life. Various regional organizations are your best bet here for those in the U.S. Modern example: Joe is scared to go back out on the football field after halftime - his team is down by four touchdowns, the players on the other team insult him after every play, and he knows his coach will embarrass him in the locker room about the interceptions he threw in the first quarter. Simply form it around your neck and chin up to your cheeks and paint it the color of your armor once it dries

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