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Back in the present day, Bridget, as Siobhan, forgives Dylan after understanding that what happened was an accident, and not necessarily their fault. Gellar served as executive producer alongside Peter Traugott and Pam Veasey. The love is real between Shannen Doherty and Sarah Michelle Gellar. On their way home, Dylan asks Bridget if she can support him when he files to be Sean's legal guardian, and a car hits them in the middle of the road, killing Sean in the process. The show was well-crafted, well-produced, well-written, but it was a complicated serialized show. likewise commented that while Sarah Michelle Gellar looks "stunning", the show doesn't fit the network as "it's inert, lackluster and a trifle old-fashioned", and gave it a C+ grade. and being careful not to run into Bridget, who still does not know that she is still alive nor of her evil agenda. concluded that although Gellar was "projecting gravitas" the show "really doesn't have a lot of weight". Matt Mitovich of TV Line gave the pilot a positive review stating, "the set-up is sound, with some loose ends addressed and nice details sprinkled in. But potentially delicious fun." also gave a positive review, calling it "the single best new show of the year". After the mysterious disappearance of Siobhan on a boat outing, Bridget–believing her sister committed suicide–assumes her sister's identity, to hide from the FBI and the mob. Beauty and the beast hairstyle. Meanwhile, the captive Malcolm is put in a position that tests his sobriety after Bodaway forces heroin into him, in another attempt to get him to talk on where Bridget is. Mike Colter as Malcolm Ward, a recovering addict who serves as Bridget's Narcotics Anonymous sponsor. On the other hand, Siobhan struggles to keep everything together as Henry and Tyler become suspicious that she is using both of them and Bridget continues to inadvertently ruin her, as yet, unclear plans. It is then revealed this was the plan all along set up between Mr. The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' star says she's been inspired by Doherty since before they were even friends. It is revealed that Charlie's real name is John and he is working for Siobhan. Center parting hairstyle.

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In the meantime, after finding out that Henry has got the key to Siobhan's Safe deposit box, Malcolm, who's helping Bridget to find out who's chasing her, decides to keep an eye on Henry. Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew Martin, a self-made millionaire whose marriage to Siobhan is struggling as he deals with his work and keeping his daughter out of trouble. Gellar plays Bridget and her twin sister Siobhan Martin. It is revealed that Catherine is involved in a relationship with Olivia. Executive producer Pam Veasey and co-executive producers Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo also appeared. Matthew Gilbert of was more negative about , handing it a "D" grade as well as calling the special effects "lousy" and "sloppy", and "the story line – ripped from a cheesy daytime soap". One of TV's most iconic stars is back with a twisty new drama, : 'It's what audiences want to see me do – It's meets ’". Season one ended with a song from the rock band The Black Keys called "She's Long Gone". Charlie kills Gemma even though Siobhan told him not to, and Siobhan travels to New York to stop Charlie from killing Gemma. Siobhan is hiding out in Paris with an unknown agenda. After it finished a run in the fall and came back in January, the audience went somewhere else The actress opened up about her past issues with depression following the birth of her daughter, and had a message of support for other new moms

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