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The lid design features a faux "pierced tin" effect which is accentuated by dabbing silver paint on the pierced area panel. The handles could be personalized with a nice v-carve on the handle, if desired. Pushing a PVC pipe into a table saw may cause you to slip and bring serious harm to the user. Pocket cuts are performed on the back of the panel for the mirror and hanger wire. Teach students about history, trajectory, mathematics, etc. Always pass a pair of scissors handle first to another person. Hairstyle for outdoor wedding. The file can also be modified to make the bench longer or shorter to accommodate any size room. Four ofthe bellows parts require two-sided machining to achieve the accordianstyle appearance. I’ll be painting mine with colorful acrylic craft paints and paint pens, at the request of the grandkids! One half of the roof hinges open to gain access to your goodies, and the roof panels do require the cutting of a couple simple miter joints. The project files are intentionally kept separate, but you can create your own multiple layout for creating as many trivets per board, as you wish. The Vectric Aspire software drawing and modeling tools make creating this type of project rather easy. Textures were made by creating thin overlay components from photos of actual branches and then combined with components made from Texture Toolpath previews. So, to shed some light on the subject we have put together a list of ‘Do Not’ when using a scissor lift. The grape motif depicted on the clock pays tribute to the famous vineyards so quintessential to the area. Do not raise platform on slope or drive onto slope when elevated. The edge trim and inside back panel were left a natural light color. When the pendulum is moved, the magnets cause the heart to behave as if it has a mind of its own. Tuscany is a peaceful region in Central Italy renowned for its beautiful scenery, unique cultural heritage, fine wines and much more. Start the blade and bring it down at a fairly slow to medium speed. To assemble this project all one needs is a bottle of glue and a rubber mallet. A couple wooden massager design layouts are included to help you eliminate those odds and ends you’ve been piling up around the shop! These “gear-style” massagers make great gifts you can make in an afternoon. By removing only a couple screws the entire project comes apart and can be stored flat when not in use. The v-carve design on the front was done in the normal way, although it has a rather shallow flat depth to minimize the amount of material needed for the inlay fill. The Aspire  file is available from the Vectric website -  Finger Joint Box Finger Joint Box Tutorial [Download pdf] Gingerbread House Cookie Bin Designed for Vectric™ by Michael Tyler This month’s project is a cute little cookie bin container, styled to resemble an oldfashioned gingerbread house.

The Aspire file is available from the Vectric website -  Japanese Garden Box Japanese Garden Box Tutorial [Download pdf] Bentwood Rocker Photo Frame Designed for Vectric™ by Michael Tyler This month’s Vectric project is based upon a Bentwood Rocker design. The “Create Shape from Vectors” and the “Two Rail Sweep” modeling tools were used extensively during the modeling process. Tole painting is often referred to as ‘one stroke painting’ because each design element is painted with a single stroke of the brush. Making vector-based textures is a lot of fun to experiment with. The “twig” branches were modeled using Aspire’s two-rail sweep. This two step stool allows you to reach the top shelf. Keep your favorite drink from leaving circles on the coffee table. Of course, you may opt for a different type of finish, as you like.

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