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It is the effort of American Negroes to secure for themselves the full blessings of American life. All day as the march approached the city, additional marchers were ferried by bus and car to join the line. The crowd was inflamed and some wanted to intervene against Clark, but King ordered them back as Cooper was taken away. Governor Wallace denounced the march as a threat to public safety; he said that he would take all measures necessary to prevent it from happening. King's credibility in the movement was shaken by the secret turnaround agreement. In addition, they did not yet have sufficient infrastructure in place to support the long march, one for which the marchers were ill-equipped. Against the objections of James Bevel, some protesters threw bricks and bottles at police.

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Religious leaders present at the marches denied the charges, and local and national journalists found no grounds for his accounts. Brotherhood Postponed Sermon by Rabbi Maurice Davis recapping the events of the third march to Montgomery. When activists resumed efforts to integrate Selma's eating and entertainment venues, blacks who tried to attend the movie theater and eat at the hamburger stand were beaten and arrested. In a series of letters, Califano reported on the march at regular intervals for the four days. Awakened to issues of civil and voting rights by years of Civil Rights Movement activities, and shocked by the television images of "Bloody Sunday," hundreds of people responded to SCLC's call. SCLC was less concerned with Dallas County's immediate registration figures, and primarily focused on creating a public crisis that would make a voting rights bill the White House's number one priority.

The teachers retreated after three attempts, and marched to a mass meeting where they were celebrated as heroes by the black community. Baker also arrested the head of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell, who said he'd come to Selma to "run King out of town." Over the next week, blacks persisted in their attempts to register.

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Like the citizens of Nazi-occupied France, Negroes must either submit to the heels of their oppressors or they must organize underground to protect themselves from the oppression of Governor Wallace and his storm troopers. Based on past experience, some in SCLC were confident that Judge Johnson would eventually lift the restraining order. The activists were unsympathetic and demanded to know why he hadn't delivered the voting rights bill to Congress yet, or sent federal troops to Alabama to protect the protesters. SNCC members independently organized sit-ins in Washington, DC, the following day, occupying the office of Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach until they were dragged away. Their cause must be our cause, too, because it is not just Negroes but really it is all of us who must overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice. Many in the Civil Rights movement cheered the speech and were emotionally moved that after so long, and so hard a struggle, a President was finally willing to defend voting rights for blacks. Spiritual leaders of multiple races, religions, and creeds marched abreast with Dr. Pin up bob hairstyle.

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