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If your hair is long enough, you can end the cornrows as regular braids, then gather everything into a ponytail. A side ponytail that shows off your curls would also look cute. Tousled Barely-There Waves with Center Part Image via hairstyle-designs.comIf your hair has only a bit of a wave, a lob with a center part is the way to go. It’s a chill but fancy style that hits just below the chin, keeping it from overwhelming the face.

Spunky Medium-Length Curls Image via hairstyleholic.comSelena Gomez’s messy, chunky waves would make anyone’s mop fresh and fun. These even have a little flip at the end which softens the look even more.After washing and shampooing, comb out your hair and part it to the desired side. Straight hair or hair with a slight wave can achieve this style easily.Even though all pixie haircuts are considered short, they can definitely vary in style and in color. For instance, if you usually part your hair on the right, you will blow dry your hair as if you part it on the left. Though it usually ends up looking great, you can’t forget the limp arms, sore neck, or oodles of time spent primping. With a little product and a tiny bit of technique, you are well on your way to a cool, new way to style your bangs!After washing and shampooing, comb out your hair and part it to the desired side. A short ’do is the answer, but sometimes getting that chop is intimidating. Add layers and volume if you are going for a masculine cut. Bring out the natural shape and volume of your hair with layers. A great example would be some side-swept bangs that taper down to your jawline. If you go for this look, you’ll also be able to do the same - though you’d look just as cute wearing it with casual summer tank top. If you want a longer style, be sure to get some layers around your face, below eyebrow level, to help frame your cheekbones and chin. If you want something longer, have it be at least collar length. Avoid styles that emphasize the upper part of your face as well as slicked back styles. This will make your face look longer and thus make you seem all the more elegant. A longer look like this looks great with natural hair! This will help add volume to your chin area and make it appear fuller and more proportionate to the rest of your face. Any hair texture/type will work well for this look.Braiding can be frustrating, but practice makes perfect! Give yourself a few tries before you give up on this one.

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Any hair type will work great for this style.If you have extra frizzy and unruly hair, don’t be afraid to bust out your flat iron to put the final smoothing touches on your bangs. You can also add extensions into the cornrows to add length. Leave the bangs out.When you are ready to flat iron your bangs, bend the iron out and away from the face to create that distinct flip. Avoid doing a center part however; instead, choose a side part. Perfectly Wavy Short Ombre Haircut Image via short-haircut.comThis makes us think of a song: “What a wonderful wave.” OK, so that’s not a thing. If you want to make your forehead look less pronounced, add some shorter layers in the forehead area. A great look would be a clean fade along the sides with longer hair on top. Get a cut with shorter sides to play up masculine features. You can have the ends cut straight, or feathered/layered. Avoid fringes and bangs, though, as they can make your face look rounder and less defined. Hairstyle ideas tumblr. You’ll look pretty and put-together, since you won’t have to constantly fuss with runaway strands. Ones that work really well for men are: brush backs, mid-fades with pompadours, tapering fade with quiffs, and undercuts with comb overs. Skip the styles that put too much volume on the top of your head. Avoid styles that end at your jawline or higher, or your hair will frizz up. Try something long enough that you can brush ove your shoulder, ideally with a side part. Avoid slicked back looks that take away from the volume of your hair. Add layers that go from your ears down to the ends. A mid-fade with a messy top would work great, however. A hair icon for decades, here she’s sporting a classic layered bob that highlights each perfect ringlet on her gorgeous head of hair. It gives the hair volume and texture that is both brushable and buildable.Best Face Shape and Hair Type:Longer face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density will suit this hairstyle best

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