Side ponytail hairstyle

Once you’ve secured the end of your braid with a hair elastic, stretch out and loosen your braid from the center to make it wider and give it a more bohemian feel. Part your hair slightly off-center and divide all your hair into two sections.

Open a cotton towel on a counter or a table, and place your head down against the towel, with all your curls on top of your head. In the morning, take out the braid, spray a bit more product, and you’re ready to go!After you apply your texturizing spray, twirl your hair so it really soaks up the product. Braid both the sections of hair so that you end up with a braid on both sides of your face. Redivide the three sections of your braid into just two sections. Push your fingers into the hair at the top of your head and pull them up to loosen the hair a little. Flip your head upside down and secure it in a ponytail at the crown of your head with an elastic. Pictured project by angifitz This easy ponytail-friendly beanie is a quick knit in bulky yarn. Easy Messy Bun Hat Laura Bain’s easy ponytail hat is knit in the round. Sleep with a satin pillowcase or cap to preserve the moisture. Cardiff Bay Ponytail Hat Butterfly cable and lace hat is a quick knit in bulky yarn. "The style is chic enough for a night on the town, but maintains a cool, unfussy feeling," Francis says. Tousled Banged Braid Image: GettyGone are the days of using oodles of hair gel and hair spray to completely sleek down your hair. Make sure you braid in the ribbons in the same way you’re braiding in the thin sections of hair. Designed by Lion Brand Yarn Ombre Messy Bun Hat Easy Caron Simply Soft Messy Bun Hat is knit flat and seamed and features an ombre striped garter stitch brim. Hold your hair with one hand and with the other brush out any bumps so your pony looks sleek. Part your bangs on the opposite side of your ponytail. Try on our favorite Kim Kardashian hairstyles now! Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images Braided WHY IT WORKS Jamie-Lynn Sigler creates unexpected texture in her ponytail with a peekaboo braid. And you can sell the hats you knit from the patterns.

Topsy Tail Ponytail Tutorial - The no-braid side braid.

"It adds balance." Try on our favorite Carrie Underwood hairstyles now! Richard Young/ Teased WHY IT WORKS Sienna Miller's ponytail has a high fashion edge, thanks to the teased texture and high placement. The messy half up fused with a bun provides for a chic and elegant appeal. Yellowstone Skate Ski Hat Cabled ponytail / messy bun hat that can also be worn as a neckwarmer cowl. Pick up the left braid, place it across the top of your head, and secure it with bobby pins near your right ear. After you first tie the scarf, be sure to smooth out its back so it doesn’t look crumpled. Divide your ponytail into parts, with each half of the ribbon in each of the two sections. The look prominently well with long and medium-length hairstyles and you can style it in any way you desire. For greater volume, create a deep side part at the top of your hair to allow for more poof. "Large hair pins have more holding power, so they'll work best to secure the style." Try on our favorite Penelope Cruz hairstyles now! Michael Loccisane/Wireimage Tousled WHY IT WORKS There's a reason why Lively revisits this pony again and again. "Carrie Underwood's side ponytail compliments the shape of her face without being in the way," Francis says. Gather all of your hair onto the side of the parting with more hair. Spritz your hair with a flexible hold hairspray to make sure your hair stays in place. Combine both your Dutch braids into one simple braid and secure its end with a hair elastic. Ponytail Braid Image: GettyMy mom used to pull my hair up into a tight ponytail and then braid it to make sure my hair did not open up throughout the day. But, of course, my queen Sarah Hyland has managed to add a flair of sensuality to it. Spritz on some texturizing spray all over your washed and dried hair. Pull that section back and fasten it atop the ponytail with another elastic. Slide the elastic down slightly, then split the pony into two sections and pull apart to retighten, which tousles the crown. Texture hairstyle. Terry supports her yarn stash by creating websites and other digital media. If you have more of a bob, deep-part your hair and make a simple three-strand braid with your bangs. Brush all your hair back and tie it into a ponytail. Now, pick up a few strands of hair from the outer part of the right section and add it to the inner part of the left section. Secure this messy chignon bun to your head with bobby pins tucked haphazardly into it. With the diffuser attached, blow dry all your hair

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