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that would be "hard evidence" everything else here is "soft evidence". I can't make out Portman's shoes, but it really doesn't matter. This is now the second time the friends have been wrongly linked as a romantic couple. If i had bumped into her with her blonde hair i never would have recognized her since i only know her from GI-J. I find it interesting how adamantly you are defending Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, to the point of ignoring photographic evidence. she always wears the tallest heels in public too! she is definitely about a foot shorter than her new boyfriend rhys. They fudge EVERYTHING to sell you to multi million dollar clients. And I think they have platform which raises the added height. Sienna Miller nude boobs and hot sex in one hot scene. She's not got a omplex about her heigh - a lot of girls want to look and dress like her these days anyway.. Like Linda Blair, Miriam Margolyes, anybody can use those pics I took freely. Sarah Jessica Parker has them especially made for her if she can't find them is not dating Sienna Miller nor was he “cuddling” with her at Glastonbury, contrary to a new report. So what if she wears heels when at an event/prmiere - a lot of women do.

Plus comparing certain celebrities to others they're standing next to is pointless. I hear from most of my industry frinds that she is a midget, like obscenely short. It’s predictable and silly.” Other outlets, such as the , were quick to pick up the new inaccurate PDA claims and wrongly speculate the two are dating Rose Diana was born in New York City, but was raised in London, England. I also challenge you to try this with your own shoes. And Basically has the same height difference next to Stewart as Sienna. VIDEO: Pink Takes Selfie While Breastfeeding Baby Jameson "I met him just six months after having a baby and I was still breastfeeding, but what he doesn't know is that when he very sweetly gave me a big hug I lactated all over him!" the British beauty confessed, according to the. And let's face it, movies are likely to try to make her look taller. They seemed really intimate.” The British paper’s supposed snitch further claims that when the party ended, “Brad and Sienna headed back arm in arm to their private Winnebego.” Tellingly, though, doesn’t have a single photo of Pitt and Miller engaging in the alleged PDA. Those are THE single most hilarious shoes I've ever seen in an attempt to look tall. Download from uploaded, Miller looked comfy and casual as she was photographed out getting coffee. Again, we have people here who write utter nonsense but do not check their facts or pictures properly. she also has long legs and wears short skirts a lot.making her look and seem taller than she is.

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she's got long feet and arms and everythig else. The height/measures myths are how the industry perpetuates it's mystery and unattainability. A mutual friend of and Pitt’s exclusively tells us the claims he and Miller were cuddling are “false,” while a second contact assures as they are “not a thing.” Whatever “source” supposedly saw, it was not Pitt with whom Miller was allegedly affectionate. Doobie wrap hairstyle pictures. He was a co-founder of the comedy improvisational group Mama's Pot Roast. Editor Rob hasn't changed their listings because there is no real evidence. And posting pictures doesn't exactly prove anything since you cannot tell somebody's actual height by simply looking at a photo. especially seeing her in pictures beside other people. but what do I know other than what I've seen in pictures that are such an unreliable source. The newspaper was later forced to correct its own untrue report when Miller herself told the tabloid, “I’m not going to even dignify it with a response. They have a built in platform and a heel impossible to walk on. I don't think being tall is better, so I am not "defending" them. Believe me when I say, I would prefer they were shorter. Wahlberg also chuckled, although the father of four admitted he was oblivious to the drama going on beneath Miller's gown. that's actually quite an average height.especially in hollywood, and sienna always wears huge heels to parties and events, making her appear taller

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