Slickback hairstyle

Inspired by Brad Pitt from , the sides should be completely disconnected from the top.  For this look, keep the top long enough for it to fall back. Then apply Reuzel Grease Heavy or Medium Hold and style for the desired look. To find out more, please read our complete terms of use Haircut difficulty Styling the Slick Back Hair Style Ensure that your hair is damp and coated in either pomade, hair gel or a styling cream prior to doing the Slick Back. Paid In Full Inspired by Will Smith in , The Paid in Full doesn’t necessarily need to be too short. Apply LayRite Superhold pomade while the hair is still a little damp for a smooth flow. After the top of the head has been slicked backwards, proceed to do the sides of the head as you continue to start the comb on the forehead’s hairline.

Blow-dry your hair completely in the direction of your hairstyle.

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The goal is to have all the hair in the front styled up to add shape and volume, while the back can be laid flat or messed around. For thick hair, texturizing would be best to style the hair with ease. The Fury, which is also known as the Slickback can be completely combed to the back or can be styled with your finger to achieve a more natural look. Because of this, we’re always one step ahead of the trend forecast. You can also comb your hair back for a slicker look. Feel free to run your fingers through the hair for a more natural look, or use a comb for a more defined look. Use a fine tooth comb and comb it away from the part and slightly to the back. Months later, I was giving my family and friends cool haircuts. Warm up a dime size of Baxter clay pomade in your palm and then apply it to the hair on top. The old fashion way would be to slick the sides back but fading the sides and the back is what’s trending now. The goal is to make sure that the hair in the front is a lot longer than the back of the head. This led me on an adventurous path to where I am now - working for one of the most popular shops in North America, Notorious Barbershop. Oftentimes clients come to the barber shop in search of stylish cuts to transform their look. Note: a beard adds serious flavor to this type of look. Reuzel High Sheen Pomade, Reuzel Grease Heavy or Medium Hold AskMen may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. Again, keep the beard clean so you are able to talk and eat without whiskers. Spot in the mirror where on the scalp the hair hasn’t been flattened adequately; essentially you want your hair to follow the contour of your skull shape precisely. While your side of the styling process is maintenance free, you should still get your hair cut about every two weeks, while visiting your barber in between for lineups. The first combing thrust for the slicked-back hairstyle is to be implemented on the middle of the top of the head and starting at the forehead’s hairline. Inspired by John Travolta in , Le Pomp also known as the Pompadour is when the hair is swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, sometimes upswept around the sides. Keep in mind that you can make small alterations to it to suit your face and overall look. Men vintage hairstyle. If you are wondering what you can do differently with your hair, we can help. The actual combing to slick the hair is performed by gently pressing the comb down onto the head as you run the comb through the locks of hair. Towel Dry and apply LayRite super hold pomade for a wet look. Messy hairstyle for men.  Each of the look have a special name with directions on how to cut and styleYour barber will have no trouble replicating these trending looks, and with the right hair products, neither will you - so take notes. Pacinos Cooling Shave Gel is clear and makes it easy to create detailed beards and goatees as it helps you see what you are shaving. For a dry look, completely blow dry your hair with a vent brush to lift and bend the front for volume

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