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And where they used to act as a humectant, sealing the hair to keep moisture out, current iterations are actually nourishing to strands. In September, she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; she dedicated the milestone moment to her fellow actors. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Selena Gomez, Lily Collins, Kim Kardashian, and a dozen other celebrities have taken slicked back hair from the runway to the red carpet. Bates, who was a huge fan of American Horror Story, met with her friend Jessica Lange for lunch and asked if she could get in contact with Murphy about any acting opportunities. "I am seeing a real return of pomades," says Mark Townsend, the globe-trotting hairstylist to such A-listers as Ashley, Mary-Kate and Elizabeth Olsen, Dakota Johnson, Rachel McAdams and Gal Gadot, whom he's currently styling for Wonder Woman press stops.

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For many guys, particularly those with fine to medium thickness hair, that product is a weightless water-based pomade.

A turtle was found tied to a tree with a chain after its owners drilled a hole in its shell so that they could go on holiday. You'll see the instant shine, definition and texture."  What it is:A hair serum free of oil and silicone that cuts styling time in half while providing superior smoothness, manageability, and natural movement. The trick is for your hair to look wet-but not actually be wet. when they jumped into the water to avoid electrocution. Bates also finished portraying legendary actress Joan Blondell in Murphy’s upcoming limited series about the notorious rivalry between actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. You don’t ever have a moment where you look at her in a scene or in life and think she’s bullshitting you. I’m very lucky to be where I am and to be standing in my shoes Mark Townsend, superstar hairstylist to Gal Gadot, Dakota Johnson and the Olsens, weighs in on the slick trend and how to get in on it. “What I admire the most about Kathy is that she’s truthful as a person and as an actor. Mohawk braid hairstyle. Instead of settling for the tradition half-up style, try Brie Larson's reversed version.  Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Upgrade your basic ponytail to something so much edgier. "This is a great hack for clients to use at home, because often when we spray something out of a can, we spray too much or we spray too close, causing the hair to get sticky or wet," says the super-stylist. The show got cancelled, and our audience was dismissed because they were too old. Her rise back to the A-list began during her recovery period. “So I dedicated the star to them as well, because it’s so hard to live that life of rejection and trying to get up every morning and try again. You were just playing yourself,’” Bates says with a laugh. To be a great actor, you have to do whatever the part calls for and Kathy knows that,” he says. As she arrived in Japan this morning, the Prime Minister urged the EU to get on with their trade agreement with Japan. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below A low, looped bun, like the one seen on Zoë Kravitz, gets your hair out of your face but looks a little cooler than a chignon. Mickey mouse hairstyle. And though it may not sound appropriate, pomades can even be used to achieve beachy, textured hair, which Townsend says is a trend that's not going away anytime soon

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