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However, if you want to watch a tutorial video by cute girl hairstyles just to make sure you got the steps right check out this detailed youtube tutorial video that explains all about feather braiding and ladder combos. Hassle-free, this could be your perfect daytime companion. And not just that, the hairdo formerly sported specifically during ballet recitals have now trickled into mainstream styling owing to its appeal. Visit Missy Sue for more helpful step-by-step instructions with images. All Buttoned Up Beanie One skein hat that buttons up the back to show off your child’s or teen’s ponytail. Using a rat tail comb start with one side and section out a front section. Dutch Braids and Low Messy Bun Help your messy bun stand out in a crowd with a pair of loose, wide Dutch braids. Remove the scarf, apply oil on your twists, and then separate the twists.Be sure to start with moisturized hair.

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Simple Coiled Low Bun Another graceful member of the chignon family, the simple coiled bun is the epitome of simplicity and charm when it comes to styling your hair. Smoothen the surface of the crown and gather all your hair over to the larger side of the partition. Create tiny two- and three-strand braids from the hair around your bangs, even if you can only do a few twists with each braid. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and apply a nourishing oil, such as coconut or olive oil. Tie the scarf once more, securing it at the back of your head. Braid hairstyle with weave. Mens hairstyle long top shaved sides. Chignon With Side Braids Here comes another chignon to sweep you off your feet. Repeat the process with the other side of the hair, and keep crossing small outer strands with the inside pieces until you reach the end. Twist two strands from the bottom, back of your head upwards and pin it in place. You can wear the braided sock bun anywhere, be it work or a casual day out. Twist and pin the sides of your hair as you were doing in the back. Kim Kardashian Lace Braids Inspired by one of Kim Kardashian's braided looks, Alexsis Mae came up with this cute lace-braid tutorial. Start with Dutch braids on both sides of your head, leaving plenty of hair in the back to twist into a bun, and check out the She Lets Her Hair Down video tutorial.

Women with long faces will appreciate the volume it creates on top to make the face seem a bit shorter. Take a small piece of hair from the outside of one side and cross it over to the inside of the other section. Sleep with a satin pillowcase or cap to preserve the moisture. Then, use a round brush to “blowdry” the already dry hair to get even more texture. Loose Low BunA very casual and chic hairdo to sport during the summer.

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For the front, twist and pin strands of hair sideways, tucking the hair into itself.Make sure to tuck and pin down all of your hair. Use a small elastic to tie off the end of the braid, and use bobby pins to tuck the braid under the hair on the side of your head opposite your part, right above your ear. Pick up a small section of hair under a feather braid and begin braiding a classic braid with one stitch. Twist your hair into a knot at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic.For a more delicate look, allow a few pieces of hair to fall and frame your face. This easy summer 'do by DC hair guru Ulrika Elder is perfect for a breezy day at the beach. Bob hairstyle with layers. French Braid Ponytail This pretty braided pony is great for a day at the office or a night out, especially when you're rocking day-two hair. Low Bun With Side Braids Chignons are always timelessly classy! They bring about an aura of calmness and sophistication. This pouf bun hairdo is guaranteed to give oomph to your personality. The stylized rope braid bun is for the experimentalist. Loop the hair through a hair elastic to create a half loop updo. Mohawk Twist With Micro-Braids Great news for all the ladies who want the punk look without chopping off their precious locks! Off-beat and punk inspired, this updo is for the bold and the beautiful. Hairstyle trends fall 2015. This stylish and urbane hairstyle is perfect for the power woman of the day. Finish off the strand without adding feather strands when you reach the other end of your head. If you do need to use a relaxer or a softener, make sure that it is safe for sensitive skin. Before tying the scarf, spritz moisturizer your hair to keep it from getting frizzy. It's just a bunch of stacked lace braids! Follow these detailed instructions from Christina of Hair Romance

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