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But while all this is great news, it's not the only thing the hacks revealed.

Hawkeye's New Look In Avengers 3 | Screen Rant

Walt washes his face in the sink and dries his hands. WALT But you might just be dumb enough not to recognize that your luck just ran out. BARBER Or, my old lady bitches to me for two fucking hours about how they don't take expired coupons at the grocery store and the minute I turn on the goddamned game, she starts crying how we never talk. Polarski would turn over in his grave if he could see what they did to his lawn. While some fans expressed sadness over the loss of Maguire, they were happy there was going to be another movie of some kind. MITCH Well, I don't know what to tell you, I'm on my way out.

WALT Listen, zipper head, now's not the time to go and. I'd want to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and kill those guys. Open the door and go let your brother out of the cellar. Trey and Sue move as far over on the sidewalk as they can to avoid the black guys. Roll up hairstyle. A three-day-old baby is named and three souls are located for the newborn. Suddenly -- Sue jumps on the back of one of the gangbangers and knocks him to the ground. Your wife already went through all of your mother's jewelry. It's a PHONE with really big numbers for old people. He expects his granddaughter to dress a little more modestly. Walt sees a young woman go to each of the older folks and offer tea and cookies from a tray. Walt looks around at how the young people have dressed at his wife's funeral. My son of a bitch prick fucking boss made me work overtime and he knew I had bowling tonight. Before ringing the doorbell, Tao looks down at his hands which have several CALLOUSES on them. Walt doesn't notice, but Tao witnessed this whole interaction from his yard. It's hard, draining labor and Tao is covered with mud. MITCH Yeah, well, I'd love to help you out, Dad, but I'm just walking out the door. Mitch slides a wrapped gift across the table to Walt. Sure enough -- most of the bullet holes are above head level on the walls. Walt is really out of his element down with all the Hmong teenagers. Walt opens the package, it's a Gopher Reaching Tool -- the kind that has an alligator clamp so you can pick up objects that have fallen behind the stove, etc. If you say that shit to the wrong stranger, they'll blow your goddamned gook head off! Walt and the Barber laugh again. The key to my front door is under the ceramic turtle. Walt wipes his mouth and runs the water in the sink. Walt sees a young man give up his seat to an Elder. But this wasn't the only big news to come from the hacks… Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe According to documents made public by the hacks, Sony worked out a deal with Marvel to bring Spider-Man into Marvel's cinematic universe. SPIDER, the driver, squints and then points at Tao.

Shocking Things You Never Knew About Superman IV

Walt just looks at the TOYOTA EMBLEM on the Land Cruiser and then gives Mitch a disgusted glance. TAO'S HOUSE is raked with GUNFIRE coming from a VAN! Windows shatter and the siding splinters. Tao kicks and struggles as they yank away his tool belt. The bullet goes through a big, metal Hamm's Beer sign on the wall. It'd be rude not to allow him this, it's a great honor. Tao looks and sure enough -- a thick, black POWER LINE is five feet below the branch he's almost severed. Leave me alone! Smokie, Spider and the other gangbanger grab Tao. It expresses embarrassment or insecurity, not that they're laughing at you. Father Janovich comes in and sits down across from Walt. Hmong people believe that the soul resides in the head, so don't do that. Several regulars hold up their drinks towards Walt. Walt opens it to find Father Janovich standing on his front step

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