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He has been repainted using quality acrylic paints and sealers. He is anatomically correct, and all of his bodywork has been done by hand, molds are never used. If you are a serious adult doll collector who is actually considering purchasing you may contact me to see sample pictures of the artistic anatomy that I create on my dolls. She would make a great spunky younger sister to one of your fashion dolls. And of course her costume shows off her magnificent tits very nicely! More Halloween galleries – Halloween Boobs. Due to her ethnicity and unique features, Aoki is a very rare type One of a Kind miniature lady. This fashionable cropped emo hairdo is a no-fuss hairstyle to sport with your natural hair color. Lopsided bob hairstyle. Puffed up hairstyle. You can make a voluminous bun by pinning the hair in the back and decorating it with artificial flowers. Layered Emo Cut With Side Swept Bangs Image: ShutterstockHep and fun, this emo hairdo is sure to make heads turn. His hat is handmade and should be worn over his ears in order to fit properly. Short bohemian hairstyle. Or, iContact Us  if you have questions. All dolls are created and kept in a smoke-free environment. I thank you for your inquiries, but I do not take commission for doll repaints or body work.  She comes as shown fully dressed with a blouse, jeans, her original jewelry, a belly piercing,  and shoes. Cheek length bob cut with asymmetrical bangs Plenty can be said about how fantastic bobs look on mature women. If you already have black hair, you’re in luck because you then need to just cut and style it in the manner given below. Plum Emo Layers Image: ShutterstockThough this plum colored hairstyle looks quite cutesy, it can be styled to match your emo sensibilities. Layered Emo Hairdo With Striped BangsWith platinum blonde hair, black striped bangs, and deep blue streaks of hair that cascades down your shoulders, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on in this style. Black Emo Bob With Blond BangsThis emo hairdo is chic and easier to pull off than the more outrageous emo styles. Emo Layers With Electric Blue Crown This emo hairdo is funky and bright, to say the least. The time has come to give your hair a second chance and enjoy the result Please realize that my dread lock wigs involve many painstaking & time intensive processes, and I am only able to produce them in very limited quantities. I present Trance, a Customized Ken Doll with by DollAnatomy! The beautiful Trance is a fully customized art doll. Divide the rest of the hair into two sections and work them into two half loop pigtails. Kyrie does have a Frankenstein type metal rod that goes through his head from one side to the other. Get a short, cropped haircut with longer front layers. He is truly a unique OOAK doll, and he would make an exciting addition to any doll collection!​ I present you, Hershey!  She is an AA The look Barbie Repaint.

Hairstyles and Haircuts - How To's, Tips and Tricks

It took several days and weeks to complete his appearance and details. Shaded Emo Hairdo With SpikesThe shaded blonde and bronze color of this look adds some interesting movement and dimension to your overall style. Keep it neat When you are choosing a bob and your hair is straight, your main goal is to keep it neat. Hot Pink Layered Emo With Fringes Image: ShutterstockBold and totally outrageous, this emo hairdo is totally out there and in your face. Hershey has big curly restyled hair, hazel green eyes, and gorgeous full lips! She comes dressed as shown with a red belly shirt, scarf, embellished cropped/ short jeans, earrings, bracelet, rings, belly button piercing, painted finger nails, and shoes. The advantages are obvious: easy to style and more volume to sport. Trust me, the results will be out of this world.What You NeedRed hair colorPlatinum hair colorStraightening ironPaddle brushHow To StyleGet a layered haircut. Image of hairstyle for man. This has a ponytail and bangs at both sides that frame the face. Emo Pouf With Shorn Sides Image: ShutterstockAn avant-garde emo style, this hairdo is bold and offbeat to say the least. Wavy bob Flaunt your waves in a cute yet stylish wavy bob that will make any women appear bright. Cassandra Big Tits In Summer Now that winter is fully here isn’t it good to look back over the summer with Busty Cassandra, all those slow slumbering sun filled days so much more exciting when filled with such amazing big natural boobs too. This is a good idea only for those women who are ready to apply makeup on a daily basis. Customization by DollAnatomy Aoki is a Biracial Asian & Black Barbie. Emo Layers With Red Crown Image: ShutterstockRelatively simple when it comes to emo hairdos, this style is great for those who’re just starting out with emo styling. Busty Cassandra Feeling Horny Busty Cassandra sure looks horny, and boy does she look good with her big tits straining to burst out of that tight skimpy lingerie … and if you’re not a member of her site why not today and start downloading her huge HD pics and movies archive. Cassandra In A Corset Busty blonde Cassandra looks pretty spectacular in a tight corset.

Unkempt Purple Layered Emo Hairdo Image: ShutterstockTurn up the heat with this messy emo hairdo. A special painstaking method has been applied to each piece of his hair to obtain his carefree kinky Afro style. Permed bob If you are not afraid of experiments and always wanted to sport curly hair that doesn’t require daily maintenance, a permed bob is your way out. Classic layered bob for old women A layered bob is a great way to pump some volume into thin hair and make your style seem soft and sophisticated. Unkempt Emo Hairdo With Powder Blue Streaks Image: ShutterstockYet another avant-garde style for all the emo lovers. Burgundy Emo Hair With Fringes Chic and minimalistic, this emo hairdo is for all those who like it hassle-free. So the time has come to experiment with amazing pixies, blond bobs, long bangs and stunning perms. Apply hair serum so as to minimize heat-induced damage. Indigo Emo Layers Image: ShutterstockThis emo hairdo comes with a burst of color

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