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features Eggman apparently surviving his fall, with a Pocky pulling out his mustache, thinking it was a carrot. It's the first in the MGS series to reveal some sort of conspiracy. Instead it features Solid Snake explaining to Otacon that he's finally going to retire from the battlefield and live out the remaining months he has to live peacefully. Ex: "That wierdo tried picking up on me" Response: "Like omigod, I am so sure!" So some friends and you are at a breakdancing competition. The Happily Married are seen playing with their two children, Boruto and Himawari. Little girl short hairstyle. Pipe is revealed to be the adult Mario from the future, as he disappears magically. "You're molded!" "That was so molded." Can't believe that wasn't already on this list. Side Part Hairstyle + Low Fade Anthony Giannotti side part hairstyle gets some fantastic volume from long wavy hair while the sides are cut into a low bald fade. Out on the prowl, usually on a Friday or Saturday night. It is perfect for someone who has the time to blow dry and wants to put effort into styling their hair with product. has a more silly one, where Menendez and Woods join Avenged Sevenfold to play for a crowd consisting primarily of every other character to show up across the game. A few contribute to the plot, such as teasing the return of Taco. Then there's the part after it which displays the five main characters from the back, followed by them becoming the center of a row of silhouettes. As for the high skin fade and longer top, I’d recommend this look to someone with more of a square shaped facial structure. has a mid-credits scene revealing The Man Behind the Man who gave Loki his scepter and the Chitauri army to command is Thanos. If the person doesn’t want to use any product, they can simply wet their hair and push it to the side.

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This clip was later integrated into one of 's Multiple Endings. Every episode of would end with Jay in a theater, having just watched that episode, being told by an usher that "Excuse me sir, the show's over". A variation of "No shit, Sherlock." Late in the decade, "doy" was used seperately as well, but "no doy" is the original utterance.

While it is versatile, it is certainly a version of a mohawk.  I like how the top can be styled as subtle or dramatic as the client wants. : The series would roll the credits while the closing theme played, ending with a close-up shot of the water tower. often featured bonus scenes in this manner, often after the official airing slot was over therefore thwarting many efforts to record it for later viewing. Darker hair carries this look extremely well, however lighter colored hair can pull off this look too. has stingers, both of which throw major curveballs on the plot. They include footage from the movie that is being sinned, though. And to keep the ending inexplicable, it adds a surreal stinger of its own: Homura, who has apparently just Mind Raped Kyubey, dances around happily before doing a Crucified Hero Shot and falling off a cliff. One last stinger is in the end when it comes to tying up a loose end: Maurice Vega, the man responsible for killing Aiden's niece. The stinger always relates to something from part of the episode. After a brief conversation, the two lunge at each other and the credits resume, with the viewer left to wonder who survives. : Breaking out of the tradition, the hero doesn't return, and the stinger is instead your partner's Tear Jerker of a promise that they'll always be with you in spirit, narrated against a black background. He calls Nick Fury and says that "We've found it." - "it" being Thor's Hammer. is like The Avengers, in that it has a mid-credits serious scene and a post-credits humorous scene. 'Bag Your Face!' whatever! Shut up! I own a retro wholesale company and I recently came across a button that said this. Meet the Sandvich: The action scene from Meet the Heavy, only now Heavy is eating a Sandvich as everyone on BLU dies.     Video Games  In , there's a short dialogue between a child and his father about the Carnival of the Damned while visting. Many recent CinemaSins videos have these, and they enter YouTube Poop territory. After the credits in the game , executives from the newly-formed Weyland-Yutani Corporation discuss the fate of Big Bad Lucretia Borgia, who had stalked the title character for most of the game. follows the ending credits with the title character replacing the burnt out bulb of the lamp taking the place of the I in the Pixar logo, and then he replaces the R after knocking it down. But then you start hearing what appears to be siren sounds in the background slowly increasing in volume before we're treated to a quick scene of Phelous' door and the door knocking. The mom, who lives in Little Haiti, delivered her baby on Sunday morning with help from paramedics via phone, according to the Miami Herald. "Dude, you're such a skater!" noun; a term for a marijuana cigarette, as in "This Bud's for you." When someone is acting out or doing something stupid

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