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The serum will help prevent the hair from getting frizzy.Recommended Products:You will fall in love with Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi’s Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray. Communication is key when explaining what you want out of your haircut.


The bright, copper color gives this classic shape a little extra pizazz. The Awapuhi Styling Treatment Oil is a great serum to finish off these beautiful beach waves.Best Face Shape & Hair Type:This beautiful cut and style is perfect for all face shapes and hair types.When creating this style, don’t worry about the waves being perfectly uniform. Apply a styling gel to clean, damp hair.Blow dry hair smooth with a small round brush.Once hair is dry, grab a large barrel curling iron. This is a timeless style that works well for all age groups.

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It’s ultra lightweight so it does not leave a greasy residue on your hair. If you have normal to fine hair, this style is a great fit.When applying styling products to hair, start off with a smaller amount so that you don’t overload your hair. Aquage Beyond Shine is a fab heat protectant.Best Face Shape & Hair Type:All face shapes and hair types can rock this look!This style looks best with some texture cut into it. It’s a great product that can be used on both wet and dry hair.

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I recommend using a concentrator on the end of your hair dryer. It also comes in Extreme for those extra windy days!Best Face Shape and Hair Type:Any face shape can wear this layered look, while hair that is medium to fine will make recreating this look much easier.When you are using a curling iron more than once a week, you need to invest in a quality iron. This is going to give you that effortless wave that you naturally get at the beach.Be careful when wrapping your hair around the iron. This will give you the volume and smoothness that makes this style so beautiful.Run a smoothing iron through hair to really close the cuticle. If you have any cowlicks in the front I recommend taking the brush and moving your bangs back in forth in the opposite direction as you dry. They don’t snag or pull the hair and give a nice polished look.Best Face Shape and Hair Type:This style is perfect for all face shapes and hair types.Ask your stylist for a chin-length bob with long layers. This will help speed up drying time as well as prevent frizz when drying.Blow dry in sections starting at the bottom. It can add weight to thin, fine hair or minimize weight from thick, course hair.Let your stylist know that you want your bangs cut at an angle. I would recommend this type of cut and style for normal to fine hair because it will add volume and movement.Ask your stylist to place red lowlights throughout your hair. Make sure to apply a heat protectant before flat ironing. Side part bob hairstyle. Schedule regular trims and color touch-ups to maintain your gorgeous style. You do not want to saturate the strand.Run your flat iron from roots to ends, going over each section no more than two times.

Alternate directions of your waves to give your style this lived-in look.Apply texture powder to hands and scrunch though hair to give separation and extra texture.Recommended Products:I am obsessed with Pravana’s Lived In Powder Potion. Take the top section of hair and gently bump under the ends.To get this fabulous retro wave, take a section of hair from behind the ear and curl towards the face.Use a dime-sized amount of pomade to smooth down flyaways and accentuate the wave on the side. Starting off at the bottom, roll hair under with the round brush while drying.Take a large section from the bang area and roll it back towards the crown with the round brush while drying. The little pop of color is subtle and stands out in a very cute way. The accent color is perfectly placed, bringing all the attention to the face. To smooth this style down, I would use Paul Mitchell’s Wax Works.Best Face Shape & Hair Type:Oval faces would look best in this cut. The smoothing serum I use on almost everyone is Silkening Oil. Hair that is fine to medium in thickness and naturally wavy or straight works well to recreate this look.A great curling iron is key to achieving beautiful curls that last. To break up the curls, I would recommend using Paul Mitchell’s Wax Works.Best Face Shape and Hair Type:This cut and style looks great on round, oval and square shaped faces. Aquage’s Transforming Paste is a combination of hairspray polymers and pomade. To add shine and separation to the hair, use Biomega’s Text Me. By pulling your hair from side to side as you are drying, you will achieve the straightness at the bottom without the volumeAs you move up, start to use a small to medium size round brush. It gives the most amazing texture and volume.  Apply in your hands and work slightly to transform it into a light pomade. This will ensure maximum shine.Finish off with a lightweight hairspray.Recommended Products:Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrowhip is fantastic. Start from the root and wrap hair around holding onto the end of your hair. This will tame flyaways and give you a beautiful, glossy finish.Recommended Products:Moroccan Oil is the only product you need for this beauty. Dry the rest of the hair thoroughly.Once hair is completely dry, apply a heat protectant and run a flat iron through the hair.Take random pieces of hair on the sides and bend some up and under. It gives a soft, touchable hold and controls frizz.Best Face Shape and Hair Type:Heart, diamond and oval face shapes look great in this blunt bob, while hair that is medium in density and naturally straight will make it easiest to recreate this look.Less is more with professional styling products. Pravana’s Detail Shine & Define is an excellent pomade to smooth flyaways and add definition to this sharp cut.Best Face Shape and Hair Type:This style is suitable for round and oval face shapes. Apply a volumizing foam to clean, damp hair.Blow dry using a small round brush

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