The gumby hairstyle

Common stereotype representing that large, black, single-parent families are disproportionately represented on welfare rolls. Word for "niggar" in Brazil, pronounced CHEE-foo-CHEE When sitting on the toilet, reference to large genetalia Indicates that a person is unqualified for his/her position and received it on racial grounds. Represents a slang term for Blacks or a derogatory term for a White woman who sleeps or has children from Blacks. Probably used because many white males used to live in poverty, surviving by scavenging clams and the like. Cassie shaved hairstyle. A large number of Native Americans, particularly those living in northwest Canada/Alaska, are said to be addicted to inhalants.

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Sophisticated hairstyle. Doing research of the Roman Empire, you will find that the Romans were known as the Edomites. Japan's only true source of food is the sea, so they eat a lot of fish. Besides the show e.r., Name a TV program about doctorsGrey's Anatomy Name a fictional character who hates the holidays. NFT is the name of the MetroBus system in Buffalo, the initials came to represent Nigger Freight Train Used instead of "nigger" in potentially sensitive company, to avoid being overheard, or to appear politically correct. Used by Whites in the Jim Crow South who were too lace-curtain to say "nigger" but too racist to say "Negro." Black women. The latitude line between slave and free states Same vain as Point-Six. The term Redskin, came from two places, the skin color, then the cruel torture of skinning Native Americans for a bounty. a mix of Bosnian and chefur used derogatory in Slovenia, typically hard uneducated workers from Bosnia and Hercegovina Many bosnians have large heads with flat facial features. Small town farm trash that wore spotted welder beanie caps and carried concealed knives to school. The Taff is the name of the river that runs through Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Might also come from the African Wolof word "Honq" meaning red or pink and used to describe white men. Hawaiians are sometimes confused for asian, but are not quite right.

Used by Tony Soprano from The Sopranos to represent his daughter's half black boyfriend. Spanish-Americans; English-speaking Hispanics, also the language they speak. Name something you wrap dishes in when you're moving Name an actress on the cutting edge of fashionParis Hilton Name a good gift for a friend who's moving to alaska Other than a drivers license, name something for which some people have photo id. The rugged aussie outback is full of rocks, the gins look like apes, hence the connection. Their eyes are tinted, and can not be seen into, only out of. Name something the city of atlanta is known for Name an appetizer served at an italian restaurant Name something stars in the sky have in common with criminals. Play on spear-chucker Refers to a type of dog found in Northern parts. During the Industrial boom of the auto industry and OSHA'a requirement of safety precautions, workers were required to wear steel-toed boots. Most likely originates with the Latin word "niger" which translates to "black". Comes from the character Calpurnia in the book "To Kill a Mocking Bird." Named after Sammy Davis Jr.'s famous song, the "Candy Man." Combination of Canadian and Nigger for black Canadians. Reference to inbreeding and a weak gene pool resulting in poor bone structure. Specifically a derogatory term referring to the Gullah culture of African ex-slaves on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina/Georgia/Northern Florida. Seekh Indians wear turbans because their religion dictates that they may not cut hair British Imperialists commonly referred to Indians as a "WOG" since they were commonly used as security, it stood for "Warden on Guard". Name something every farmer needs Name something a biker dude would look silly riding. Term to describe Mexican girls who get pregnant at an early age. Could also refer to the Gar, a fish similar to the piranha, found in streams in the Southern US and eating by many Southern Blacks

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