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When you upload, remember that you can add multiple versions of your picture! Q. For the cut, Sharpton kept most of the length but created volume by adding layers and reshaping her bangs. Here, layers add overall dimension to the look and the choppiness subtracts overall length of the face. The brainchild of Bumble and Bumble founder Michael Gordon, the salon is taking a fresh approach to beauty norms with a team of some of the most talented stylists. Most styles also include styling steps for home perms And the fact is that some of us don’t look good at all with long hair hanging around the face. Hunger games hairstyle. Tousled up with some coquettish waves, this hairstyle goes from day to night with ease. “At the end of the day, I felt really excited and also surprised-I'm definitely not used to seeing my hair that curly," says Tillison. With hints of dark blonde and violet and super sexy red lips, this is definitely a style reserved for the gal that craves some edge. Side bangs give this cool look some extra snazzy style, and paired with light lips it’s a killer look for fall/winter. Women can also select Casual or Formal, plus Updo varieties. But I didn't want to go to a salon and get the typical trim and blonde highlights.

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If you’re looking for something with a little bit more dimensional and life, consider an artsy shaved hairstyle. The Hairstyle Simulator includes a photo editor to optimize your picture; the adjustment controls at the bottom lets you fine-tune the positioning if needed.

How to Make Curly Hair Scene: 9 Steps (with Pictures.

If you’re not bold enough for an entirely shaved side, consider this shy peek-a-boo shave. Practically kind, from conservative to wild, from edgy to executive! Both Women and Men can select any combination of short, long or medium lengths, in wavy, straight or curly textures. Use a head-and-shoulders picture, looking directly at the camera, with your hair tied back from your face, and ears uncovered -- this way you can try on any type of hairstyle! Make sure your snapshot is clear, focused and well-lit. Click "Change Models," pick "Male," or upload your own photo. Short Straight Bob Cut Back ViewGolden Blonde Layers Edgy and bold, this layered hairstyle is filled with tons of body thanks to the mix of short and long layers. Mouseover any gallery thumbnail to reveal the original photo plus information. Great new styles of all types are added all the time! Q. The Tester can alter the suggestions any way you like! Q. “I found Hairstory's Instagram and loved the makeovers because a lot of the choices seemed unexpected and unique. She tosses her hair way over to one side, letting her trendy side bangs hang gracefully just above the eye. Our hairstyle not only highlights our personal taste and individuality but oftentimes reflects a new chapter in our lives.“My natural color had finally grown back. ad specialist Stephanie Tillison was no stranger to the feeling. Reverting to original color for the style you're trying on will also show the original colors of the styles in the gallery. Use a head-and-shoulders snapshot, looking directly toward the camera, with your hair pulled all the way back, and ears revealed -- this way you can test hairstyles & haircuts of any type! Be sure your picture is clear, focused and well-lit. Simply select "Save to Favs" on the lower left panel. Women can also choose Formal or Casual, plus Upstyle varieties. Use a head-and-shoulders photo, looking directly at the camera, with your hair pulled back from your face, and ears fully exposed -- this way you can try on every type of hairstyle! A plain white background is best. View of men's styles, with options for short, medium, long, wavy, straight and combinations. If you’re in the mood to step out of the box and try on a crazy, look-at-me style, consider adding splashes of blue, purple, and blonde to your mane, and finish with a trendy side part. These flawless layers are great for softening the face and letting your best features do all the talking. Everything about this stylish look is flawless, and it gets a modern touch with a pair of pouty dark lips and sultry dark eyes. There’s three different gorgeous hair colors found in this trendy flipped ‘do, and there’s just as many- if not more- layers. Bob hairstyle for curly hair. We’re adoring the hair color on this woman! The sea foam green is exotic, and it just looks simply amazing against her skin tone. It wasn't over-the-top or in your face, but it still catches your attention."Behind every haircut, there is a story-watch this "Hairstory" unfold Practically kind, from conservative to wild, from edgy to executive! Both Women and Men can select any combination of short, medium or long lengths, in curly, wavy or straight textures. As you’ll see in the accompanying video, the experience was a major game changer. “I went into the consultation with a very open mind and told Wes and Roxie that I was totally open to their suggestions," she says. Women can also choose Formal or Casual, and Updo versions. Just choose a default hair color from the chart, and the catalog gallery instantly updates. Concave hairstyle. Classic Stacked Bob HaircutClassic Long Pixie with PINK! Everyone loves the classic long pixie, with the hair cut just above the ear and a significant side part with bangs that hug the face magnificently. Not for your everyday office gal, this unique and edgy cut features super short bangs that round up and around the forehead, while the rest of the mane is kept lengthy and chopped with plenty of layers. We’re loving the golden blonde hue against dark roots, an intense blend that’s nothing short of modern and elegant. The Hairstyle Generator includes a photo editor to touch up your picture; the adjustment controls at the bottom lets you fine-tune the positioning when needed

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