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If you need a colorist or are just thinking about a little freshen up, She is your girl!!! She is a Master in Her own right. I had a terrific experience at Maxine's I had a terrific experience at Maxine's last week that I want to share. Hairstyle business card. He's handsome in a classic way and extremely charismatic. Full house hairstyle. My stylist was Rivka and I LOVE HER! I am not a salon girl and I am DEFINATELY not a fancy downtown salon girl so this place HAS to be special. tension among the stylist, you know typical salon drama.

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That off-color nickname, one assumes, started in a different political climate, when it seemed we could be a bit cavalier and ironic with such terminology. Run a curl control or curl hold cream through your hair after showering. All but one staff person was extremely friendly and helpful. I really wouldn't have anyone else touch my hair because I've been spoiled by the best! I highly recommend you work with these wonderful artists. I called the salon, was treated well on the phone and made my appointment to see Diane and Theresa.

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However, I was craving something drastic, so I went to Bob at Maxine to cut my hair. In some sort of amazing magic, she always manages to get my hair to look exactly how I want it to, no matter if its with highlights or whatever the hell else I am feeling that day. So glad she ended up at Maxine's - what a great salon for a great stylist! I am definitely going to Maxine's now that Shelly Aguirre is there. She asked me what I was looking for, and we spoke for several minutes as I explained I needed a trim, deep conditioner and blowout. We always have a consultation before she begins and she truly listens. I plan to return to have Sarah work her magic in a few months, as her talent with hair color consultation and application is exceptional! Theresa's cut and Diana's color are the best in the business. Couldn't be happier!! I am so fortunate to have Theresa and Diana as my hair stylist and colorist!! These two are the dynamic duo not to be missed! Outstanding!! Great Look!! A cut and color that lasts!! Heads turn after I see Theresa and Diana!! Many Thanks Ladies.

While waxing, she broke the hairs instead of actually waxing them out. I called to book an appointment and was immediately impressed with the customer service over the phone. No pretension here, just real talent mixed with a great personality. Love it! Thanks, Adrianne! I got lucky and found Maxine right after moving to Chicago. I moved to Los Angeles a year ago, and still make trips back just to get my hair done. I am at the point where I barely give them direction and let them do their thing.and i am always happy. Roller wrap hairstyle. With all of the compliments you'll receive, you'll be addicted to Bob's cuts. * Pros: colorist, service, valet parking Jamie - Best BRAZILLIAN WAX IN CHICAGO Jamie is the best brazillian waxer in Chicago. They specialize in making your hair healthy and shiny - two things I desperately needed. The cut also flatters the shape of my face giving me some much needed fullness on top. I would have been back, but soon thereafter I started working at Harpo Studios and using Oprah's employee spa, as well as taking recommendations from producers for stylists around town.

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Aaron does amazing things with hair, too, although I've only personally experienced blow-outs. I love my hair, it was unruly at first but she got it silky straight and everyone loves my new look. Speaking of I am in a serious need of a hair cut!! And yes it's chichi - so what! You can find bad attitudes at haircuttery - and at any price level. If you want a great haircut, my stylist does a fabulous job. I just moved to the city and was a little nervous about finding a new stylist. Proponents of the hairstyle in question: The rapper Macklemore, left; white-nationalism advocate Richard Spencer, center; and soccer superstar David Beckham, right

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