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The Japanese crime comedy film Adrenaline Drive combines this and Stealth Pun. In "Krusty Krushers" the champion wrestlers put SpongeBob and Patrick in a sleeper hold, which involves rocking the two to sleep like babies. In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, the whole plot starts when one of the characters "kicks the bucket" and then knocks over a bucket in his death throes. Averted by his mother, Kazumi Mishima, who did care about him, so much so that she plans to him if he ever falls to the same villainy of that of his father, which he has by the start of the series. The saying "I didn't fall off the back of a turnip truck" is roughly the equivalent of "I wasn't born yesterday". The LEGO Adaptation Game series has a few examples. When Tyler has trouble doing this, Alejandro tells him to "use his head". The Story mode of confirms Heihachi did indeed kill his mother.

Even though the cartoon is in black and white, her nose is red. Faux Affably Evil: He's an unrepentant bastard who proudly waves the flag of "Bastard Alert" everywhere he walks. He has also appeared in the made-for-television movies Red Earth, White Earth and Northern Passage. "Call of the Cutie" has a scene with a close-up of Apple Bloom, who is feeling depressed, when Rainbow Dash sticks her head into the audience's view: Rainbow Dash: Whoa. Roger Daltrey's Tommy Reborn Tour is accompanied by an animation projected onto a screen behind the band. In , Discord expresses that he's "Cracking himself up," followed by cracks actually appearing on his body with chips falling off. See, they're getting Most levels in the first world of have rolling hills, yet a couple of levels take this literally. His standard fighting outfit is deliberately emotive of Ryu from and the Fountain of Expies spawned from him, to trick you into thinking he's The Hero. Leo messi hairstyle. The sequel takes it a step further: two of the fingers are bent. An old man pulling a hunk of sod from inside his coat is seen. He takes out a pair of glasses with a plug and when asked what were those: "My contact lenses." Later he was seen reading the paper with them, and actually plugged in. A golf course in the village of Oka, Quebec planned to expand onto land claimed by the Mohawk as traditional land. He can transform into Devil Kazuya at the cost of his Rage Mode. He met Ray Napolitano, a wrestler from the United Kingdom, however, who told him to consider competing overseas. Near the end of , three officers are assigned to undercover; the wolf of the group puts on a very convincing sheep costume, making him a literal wolf in sheep's clothing. In the Neptunia series, the CPUs' bust sizes are a play on the relative sizes of their consoles, from flat and bitter about it Blanc to XBOX HUEG Vert. That's right, Emotional Baggage! The series is of this trope. : In the song "Fair and Square", Midgel holds a picture of ham when Zidgel sings his second solo. The girls from realize the girls from the Hot Springs Episode are not biologically so. only it's not three players being fragged in quick succession as per Unreal Tournament but rather Multi from killing. : Jon Snow, the Bastard of Winterfell, wields a bastard sword. "Princess Johnny" has one that intertwines with Getting Crap Past the Radar. This is one of the older weapons used by the Apache Indians.

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The video for his parody features several extras drinking out of red Solo cups in one scene. Hairstyle with flat iron. Rather than an 'I', the show's logo was used in its place. In , the Wolf disguises himself in sheepskin to interview his informant, a sheep named Woolworth, without disturbing the rest of the flock. He does it in his usual manner - by restraining him to a table with thin sheets of plastic while he tortures him. Evil Prince: Of a family-owned empire, true, but otherwise fits this trope to a T, save that his dad is just as evil as he is. Since, well, y'know, Heihachi killed them both too. The camera angle reverses to reveal Beast Boy, who has turned into a donkey. After being blown up in a volcano at the end of , his body is scarred further. One Progressive ad involved a pair of representatives from another insurance company claiming to have one of the same services that Progressive does-as soon as they do so, their pants suddenly burst into flames. In , Miss Faraday is an electromagnet-themed cyborg, and also a violent Mood-Swinger whose current status is indicated by the "+" and "-" symbols on her breastplate

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