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Ditto for burgers: As several ex-Melt employees told me, the push into meat required remodeling stores to accommodate new equipment, re-training crews to handle new processes, sourcing different ingredients, and, in some cases, closing and moving existing stores. With a flair for decor and an eye for delicious cuisine, Masa creates a space for diners to enjoy unique flavors that are both familiar and distinguished. The Melt’s blundering trajectory is instructive, as Silicon Valley wunderkinds seek to infuse everyday objects with help from algorithms and apps. The Melt prioritized all-natural ingredients, offered Boylan soda in place of Pepsi or Coke, and featured tug-at-your-heartstrings sides - think Cracker Jacks and warm chocolate cookies. It’s easier to “move fast and break things” when you haven’t yet been indoctrinated into the thing you’re trying to break. Thanks to software and hardware that regulated humidity, heat, and air circulation in these mobile units, The Melt could cater offsite without sacrificing food quality.

In the years since it first opened shop, The Melt has grown in fits and starts - launching, then dismantling, a fleet of food trucks, for example. Hairstyle design. From the original selection of five soup-and-sandwich combos, The Melt now offers six different grilled cheeses, four cheeseburgers, three chicken sandwiches, three French fries, two salads, two mac n’ cheese dishes, four desserts, and only a single soup. Tree hairstyle. “[T]here are no compressed spatula marks in the bread, no globs of cheese that have escaped the bread to crisp on the griddle.” San Francisco Yelpers raved about getting the “best grilled cheese ever” and grumbled about greasy bread, inattentive staff, overpriced sandwiches, and minuscule portions. Staffers found the Electrolux machines temperamental, and the kitchen’s focus on efficiency and speed came at the expense of quality and flavor. Ramlee Enfin by James Won Kuala Lumpur is an elegant dining venue in Kuala Lumpur city centre, where you can enjoy French delicacies, paired with premium champagnes and wines. The Melt continually added tech-enabled perks : ordering kiosks, app-based geo-fencing that kickstarted food prep as customers approached the restaurant, in-store soundtracks that changed songs according guests’ musical preferences, and an app-based loyalty program.

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The perfect place for a casual dinner, modern Iberian cuisine is the draw, with salsa music adding an electrifying edge to the otherwise laid-back atmosphere. Scanners allowed diners to swipe a QR code and activate those orders without ever speaking to a human. “They were all good people, and they all wanted good things. Ramlee, this modern French restaurant also houses Asia’s only Krug Chef’s Table, where diners can enjoy a bespoke dinner with Krug champagne pairing. A perfect venue for those looking to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing dining experience, its spacious main dining area features high ceilings and carpeted floors, with windows overlooking the city centre. “I think he went home and looked at his money,” Mossberg deadpanned. Grilled cheese sandwiches were the fast food equivalent of Proust’s madeleines, priming them for disruption. “Don’t let the fact that it’s just grilled cheese fool you,” said a former senior leader at The Melt, speaking on condition of anonymity. That helps to explain the entry of Miniso, which says it wants not only to “enrich people’s choices in North Korea, but also improve people’s living standard”. Kaplan himself noted that his lack of experience with video recorders had proved an asset when creating the Flip cam; logically, the sentiment applied to his new business. SONAS offers an in house design service, particularly for bridal wear, where garments can be designed Waiting in the wings was a smaller, but still recognizable name: Jonathan Kaplan, one of Silicon Valley’s prodigal sons with a moonshot of a second act

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