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Just what you need to build perfect poppers and bugs. Painted and unpainted spinner bait and buzz bait heads. One of the most common and versatile fly- and jig-tying materials available. Catfish and trotline hooks, including sponge hooks, bait holder hooks, and heavy-duty hooks.

The braids curve around the head looking really trendy.Triple EffectAs far as braided hairstyles go this takes first prize. Round nose pliers, split ring pliers, wire cutters, gate cutters, wire formers, skirt-making tools, leader-building tools, and gate cutters. Unpolished Bun Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Twist textured hair into a bun. Whether you're fishing for bass, crappie, or just about any other species, jigs can’t be beat. Then, braid the pony down to the ends.Tug at sections of the braid to loosen it to make it look more voluminous.

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Our generic soft baits provide stellar performance at great value. Beautiful hairstyle. Be the best-dressed fisherman with our t-shirts, caps, Sunbandits, and eyeglasses retainers.

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Flip the tail ends up, tuck them in between your head and the clear elastics, and pull them out through the bottom to create the topsy tails. The braids end in very stylish waves around the shoulders.Summer HairstyleThis is a great style for the summer heat. Fly and jig tying tools, organizers, glues, and fly tying kits. Securely Side-Swept Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Pull all your hair over to one side and gather a small section of hair at the nape of your neck into a side ponytail. Easy Intricate Braid Separate your hair into two sections and braid one side down to the ends.

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Triple Topsy Tail Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Using small clear elastic bands, like Goody Classics Clear Elastics, secure your hair in three ponytails, one on top of the other. Drop shot sinkers, bullet weights, slip sinkers, casting sinkers, split shot, egg sinkers and other lead weights. Weighted floats, popping floats, and pencil floats from Eagle Claw and Rat-L-Pop. Headband Halo Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Place an elastic headband securely around the top of your head.Take a small section of hair by your ear, pull it back, and loosely weave it through the elastic in the back. Gather a section of hair from both sides of your head in line with your temples and put the sections into a small pony in the back. Pull the front left section across the back of your head, draping it over the ponytail, and pin it securely to your head. Jig, sinker, and spinner bait starter kits, with everything you need to start making lures. Silicone skirts, skirt layers, rattles, collars, skirt making kits, and skirt making tools

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