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Tecna is the exception, as her hair goes shoulder length at the longest. has a Fractured Fairy Tale episode where Dee-Dee reveals she has hair long enough to help her and friends climb out of a monster's stomach when he eats them. Appropriately enough, the song that she's the character for is called "Rapunzel".

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: Both Dumbledore's hair and Wizard Beard are described as being so long that he could easily tuck both of them into his pants. Possibly lampshaded, as when we first see her, Virgilia is brushing her hair for her. And with the inclusion of trainer customisation in , some of the girl's hairstyles, as well as Serena's default hairstyle, come close to hip length if not in ponytails. has plenty of this, including V.V., a cute boy with hair that nearly touches the floor when he's standing. In Jane Yolen's , Jenna and her shadow-sister Skada have braids that go down past their waist. The Fifth Mizukage, who has hair down to her ankles. Fan authors in Tolkien's Legendarium often create characters with very long hair, especially Elven ones, in keeping with characters that appear both in the original works and in the film adaptations. Dvine [LUV] has three characters fitting this trope: Mia, Sakura and Youra, though the latter gets her hair cut. Kuchiha of sports a ponytail so long that it doubles as a Scarf of Asskicking.

Loved so much and notice it only now.its too late This article needs additional citations for verification. Shaved neck hairstyle.     Visual Novels  Misuzu from has long hair past her hips, that she usually keeps in a long ponytail. In the Distortionverse series, Veckert Rainer invokes this trope when-after a shower-has to switch the hairdryer to tornado mode in order to dry it properly: : Anyway, I won't lose heart. Similarly Yoshiki Hayashi, the leader of Visual Kei band X Japan cut his waist long hair to the despair of his female fans, because it took him hours to wash and care for it every day, and because it was making his neck pain worse. And Timmain's hair also doubles as Godiva Hair on several occasions. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Described in his bio as a goofy guy off the ring, but a force to be reckoned with the ring. even mocks this, by re-enacting a scene with him and Cloud. From the series, there's Lieutenant Abigail Hearns, Miss Owens, of the Grayson Space Navy-the first native-born Grayson woman to join the service. Presumably, her hair must be longer once its let down. Ice King and his Gender Flip counterpart Ice Queen have this hair too.

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Yomi's hair is hip-length, but curiously only in the anime

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