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Sleek Brownish Tinted Edges Image: GettySelena Gomez’s hairstyle is extremely fuss-free and elegant. Hairstyle pigtails. If desired, secure the ends with covered elastics or barrettes. Asymmetrical Pixie With Long BangsA pixie is one of the coolest hairstyles you can get. Braided Twin Ponytails Image: GettyThe twin pigtailed hairdo makes you look candy cute. Sleek Side PonytailThe sleek side ponytail imparts a cute-girl-next-door vibe. For the wet hair effect, apply a hairstyling gel with a softer hold. Twisted Ponytail Divide the ponytail into two sections, then twist one section and wrap around the other section to create this casual twisted ponytail. Continue the part you started at the hairline straight back to the nape of the neck. Messy Side Braid With BangsThis loosely weaved messy side braid looks casual and chic.

50 Thrilling Twist Braid Styles To Try This Season

Blond Bob With Dyed Edges Image: GettyYou can always sass up your bob with a tinge of color. Sleek And Short BobThis crisp short bob makes one look very young and fresh, not to mention, extremely cute. The end of a rat-tail comb is useful for making neat parts. If the hair is long enough, you'll reach a point where the twist is no longer attached to the scalp.

50 Most Popular Teen Hairstyles For Girls

Side Swept Ombre Bob Image: GettyThis side swept ombre bob having a subtly tousled look is pretty and elegant. This is what they look like from the top of the head. Summer Scarf Updo Using a stretchy headband, you just take large sections of hair and wrap around the band, tucking in the loose strands. This dramatic hairdo is great for cosplays and costume parties.

The stylish hairdo is apt for girls with long hair. The black ruffled hair pixie is casual yet makes a chic style statement. Shiny Brunette PixieThe shiny brunette pixie is a sophisticated hairdo with tender layers covering the forehead. Tight Knit Side BraidThis tightly knit blond braid looks graceful and sophisticated. The messy edges are highlighted, which make the hairstyle stand out further. Sleek PonytailThis sweet and girly ponytail complements just any attire. High PonytailThe high ponytail worn by Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular hairstyles for teenage girls. They're similar to cornrows, but may be more user-friendly to beginners; you work with two strands of hair at a time with flat twists instead of three, as you do with cornrows. Short Platinum Concave BobThis is such a sweet and chic hairstyle. Medium length bob hairstyle. To begin flat twisting hair, start with a part at the hairline. Jasmine Inspired Loose PonytailThe loose, thick ponytail here is inspired from Jasmine, the famous Disney princess who too flaunted a similar hairstyle. Long Tousled Ombre Layers Image: GettyThe wavy tousled tresses have a very casual yet elegant appeal. Repeat, taking a strand from the right and bringing it over to the left. Here, a small butterfly clip is used to keep the twist from unraveling. Very Short Shaggy PixieThe very short shaggy pixie looks super bold. Wavy Side PonytailThe wavy side ponytail is pretty and chic. If you have light hair, this chic hairdo will look fabulous on you. Continue all the way down, securing with a clear elastic. Simple Chic Ponytail Image: GettyThe most simple of all ponytails, this style has always been popular among girls and teens.

37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls

While this is a good choice for children, adult women may not want to sport accessories. As you twist the hair, gently incorporate hair from the parted section into the twist as you work back. Any shorter and you won't be able to fully see the detail of the braid, notes Bogucki. Regular two strand twists, which can hang loosely, are usually best for natural hair, but flat twists work well on natural and relaxed textures. Short Bangs PixieThis pixie has a layer of short crisp bangs contouring the forehead. Here you can see how the flat twists appear from the back of the head. Quirky Bangs Image: GettyIf you have a layered haircut with bangs, then this hairstyle is for you. Subtly Tousled Blond BraidsThis side braid looks extremely feminine and fuss-free. The sides again are trimmed shorter than the top layers. Long Cheeky Bangs PixieThis pixie has long layered bangs. The long bangs extend up to the cheeks and impart a stylish effect when swept to the side. The kind who believes in making her own rules, and playing by them

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