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No-one would expect to see the Emperor riding through the backcountry unattended, unshaven and in ordinary clothes. did several parodies: In a strip by Don Martin, Clark replaces his glasses with contact lenses, causing a receptionist at the Daily Planet to suddenly realize he was Superman all along. A tie-in to Crisis Crossover shows that Speedball has been working at a volunteer organization devoted to helping survivors of the Samford Disaster. Being a slender female, bulky fake muscle/armor hid her curves well.

No one seems to realize he's actually just Bubs in sunglasses and a piece of paper with a "TH" on it taped to his shirt. This is most obvious in this scene from where he's , and in Superman II where she figures it out on her own. Beyond the hair, the two still look nothing alike, Jerrica's face is rather simple and plain looking, while Jem's is much more detailed. The helmet is even lit on the inside.with lights that drastically change the contours of his face, at least when viewed at night, and leave his eyes heavily shadowed. After his adoptive parents were killed by the book's big villain, Kal took on the identity of Superman and joined the Justice League.

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Sometimes she had to go tremendous effort so people didn't see both of them. It reaches a point where Becky is about to sneak out as WordGirl and her father catches her, only he thinks she's just playing by dressing up as her. of her Pre-Crisis life, Kara used a brown wig to hide her blonde hair. Parodied in the "Pie Man" episode of , "Simple Simpson". Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmell pulled this off by disguising themselves as reporters. Lampshaded during Morrison's run, where the team got chewed out by a random citizen of Star City who just happened to have a blond goatee. After saved Cat's job following a computer hack, Cat could see Kara as a hero and was able to put the pieces together.

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Usopp eventually develops a split personality that talks and acts differently when wearing the mask. Visual adaptations emphasize that going from rags to well-dressed makes even Javert, specifically searching for Valjean, doubt himself. College girl hairstyle. In the video intro to , Rayman infiltrates the Rabbids' ranks by donning a disguise consisting of a pair of Rabbid-style googly eyes on a headband, a sink-plunger loaded into his gun, and a lungful of helium. In-universe celebrities Diantha and Aria of the Kalos arc don low-key outfits in public. Tom Cruise prepared for his role in by taking a job as a UPS courier, which he worked for weeks while secretly filming himself. But parts of that may be her quick thinking nature. The first thing that tips him off is that they both have similar handwriting - he gets both samples analysed and the expert says that it's obviously two very different people. My own experience has since revealed that those ancient cultures had a great deal of powerful magic at their disposal.

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: Tachyon, a member of the Global Guardians, maintains a secret identity when off-duty by wearing a lot of baggy clothing, pitching his voice higher, wearing glasses, using colored contacts, and even training himself to use a subtly different vocabulary when in his other identity. Maryland was a pro-slavery state where Lincoln was incredibly unpopular, and there were reliable reports warning of an assassination plot. Emo girl short hairstyle. Played straight with the Flamenco Girls, who are all popular Idol Singers in their civilian identities, and yet somehow effectively disguise themselves with little more than wigs and Domino Masks. Justified in , as anyone wearing the clothes one of the girls gets during her Transformation Sequence will appear to be that girl implying that the clothes have some kind of disguising power. In one scene, when the character Ai Haibara returns to her original age, Conan offers her his glasses as disguise, saying that they work well enough for Clark Kent. None of her classmates seem to find it odd that she's constantly talking to green animals, though. And when Venom shows up, he immediately notices it's Spiderman due to the different body types. The fact that her abilities are magic-based may also help. His "costume" as Superboy is a black S-symbol t-shirt, jeans and work boots. Makes you wonder why none of the others ever thought to do that. To paraphrase Kidder, "Clark moves differently, his shoulders are held differently. And the fact that it's later revealed that the Plutonian is a Reality Warper neatly justifies any implausibility in the disguise

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