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I don't know what to do later."By my third day on the set, the dress-up no longer feels like dress-up. This, of course, is the most seductive part of totalitarian living: Once choice has been taken away, you quickly readjust to be grateful for the little things on offer. Mmm, cheese! Classic prison mentality, and I've developed it after all of forty-eight hours. To his male peers, Khrzhanovsky's sex appeal seemed incomprehensible, a cosmic joke: He was a slight and homely Jewish boy, given to wearing terrible crushed-velvet jackets. When I meet her, Sveta has just returned from a ten-day trip to Warsaw-the longest she's been away from the set since moving here. He leads me down one of the endless hallways of the compound to the Institute and, en route, spots a female extra being made up in one of the many makeup rooms."Tear off her eyelashes," he says without breaking stride. Sometimes I even sleep with windows open."Clearly, Khrzhanovsky is not the first filmmaker to go off the cinematic deep end. , by comparison, is entering its sixth year; the money well has run dry several times. And against all reason-there is a microphone in the ceiling, for fuck's sake-I consider it. Pleased, she invites me to come back and see her tomorrow. Sara quin hairstyle. You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam. When Khrzhanovsky likes someone-more often than not a young woman-he offers them money and an important-sounding title at once. When the cleaning lady had to mop the same toilet floor every day for two years, she will do it differently when she's doing it on-camera."Life on the project has a way of sucking people in. Khrzhanovsky had taken over all of Kharkov, they said, shutting down the airport. The director, Ilya Khrzhanovsky, was a madman who forced the crew to dress in Stalin-era clothes, fed them Soviet food out of cans and tins, and paid them in Soviet money. If you feel that you need him out of here, I have no objections. His wife, whom he met here, had given birth two weeks before I arrived.People come and go in disorienting waves. The wardrobe department alone takes up the entire basement. and spends the rest of her time in a communal apartment she shares with a "physicist" named Konstantin. Medium male hairstyle. Not only has morale improved, a whole new euphemistic vocabulary has sprouted up. A reminder of the outside world arrives that morning in the rotund shape of the photographer. "Geniuses to play geniuses, the powerful to play the powerful." He ended up casting Teodor Currentzis, a lushly maned Greek pinup of a classical conductor, even though he had a busy touring schedule and his Russian was shaky at best. Some say they'd happily work with Khrzhanovsky again, others claim something akin to PTSD.

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On what I imagine is Khrzhanovsky's signal, she invites us over later that night. As befits our status as guests of a totalitarian state, Sergey and I are surrounded by minders and stoolies every step of the way. Less than twelve hours at the Institute and I've already accepted the rules of someone else's game.Our program for today is a dinner at the Institute's fully functioning cafeteria and a tour of the physics laboratories. Soon after, an assistant curtly told her to leave: "You and Ilya have very differing outlooks on life."People like Yulia number in the many dozens. "By that time, I was well into my second sleepless night. Straight bob hairstyle. In short, please leave."And this is when it happens. To my right, a guard is reporting on another guard to a third guard. Sveta, the film's comely "ecutive producer," came here two years ago to interview Khrzhanovsky for a book on young Russian directors and stayed, divorcing her husband soon after. "It's almost slavery," writes one former crew member in a blog. The twins mentioned that I had qualms about the costume. Impossible, I know."A few moments later we reach a passageway between worlds: the door connecting the film's modern production offices, where people are free to eat junk food and peck at laptops, with the time warp of the Institute. Down the fake street, a female janitor in a vintage head scarf sweeps a porch.The set is roughly the size of two football fields, surrounded by a five-story fantasia of oppressive architecture. Anton, a sad-eyed, bearded young man who minds the project's database of extras, has spent two and a half years on the project. It made him king, with all the kingly prerogatives-like picking his court. When the cameras aren't rolling, this is all 's costume and makeup departments do: process extras. The repeating rituals of dressing up and passing the checkpoint lose their absurdity and become something like a fact of life. Another piece was a forty-minute-long improvised squabble between Landau and his wife. Another frisks Khrzhanovsky, without betraying any deference or even recognition. Others said the project was a cult and everyone involved worked for free. I suddenly realize that each of his anachronisms is making me cringe. Once at the compound, Yulia waited for over six hours; finally the director showed up. "I needed people who would have those energy levels," he reasons. "It is sooo good to be back."In a way, Khrzhanovsky's life story mirrors that of his subject, with its mix of the lofty and the louche.

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