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Short And Sleek It is another great choice for girls with very short hair. Standard haircut Alternative name for a regular haircut. This one has a lot more choppy and small layers with a long fringe, so it looks like a much thinner and more edgy haircut.Glam Curly UpdoYou don’t see this happen a lot, but you can glam up a pixie cut and give it a ton of sparkle. With messy tendrils throughout the rest of the hair, a shorter side swept bang adds a nice tame element and keeps the curls from taking over your face. Hair that is used with rich products and blown dry from the roots to the ends. The teeth edge of a comb was then used to define a central parting running from the crown to the nape at the back of the head, resembling, to many, the rear end of a duck. Business-man cut Alternative name for a regular haircut. Buzz cut styles include the butch cut, crew cut, flattop and ivy league. Haare: Mit Profi-Bereich für Friseure, Salon-Guide.Find and save ideas about Shaved pixie cut on Pinterest. Moe Howard from The Three Stooges has this hairstyle for his trademark and Henry V of England had a similar hairstyle. Short brush cut Alternative name for a butch cut, especially one that shows natural curl. Layered Bob Even though this bob features regular layers, the long textured bangs and wispy points make it quite exceptional. A is a type of haircut in which the hair on the top of the head is cut short in every dimension. A loan word from French for this particular style of bun which is pinned at the nape of the neck and requires tighter binding than ordinary buns. The style involves highlighting or dying various thin sections of hair through hair coloring. You can sleek up this look by wearing it straight, making this a low-commitment way to get a little shaggy with your look. Here are the latest most popular short hair ideas, specifically for long pixie cuts.Not your Typical Pixie Part TwoThis is another take on a with more of a bob-like appearance. Mens hairstyle parted on the side. Longer hair on top is cut asymmetrical and with layers, making this style look its best when worn messy instead of sleek. The undercut is a unisex haircut whereby the top section of hair is held in place whilst the side and back sections are cut, thus making the top longer and the back and sides undercutting. The nape undercut is in keeping with modern trend while also preventing hair from looking mullet-like in the back. | Weitere Ideen zu Unterschnitt Frisuren, Unterschnitt und Unterschnittenes Haar.Das Portal bietet Trends und Infos rund um folgende Themen: Styling, Beauty, Stars und Fashion.

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A hairstyle predominantly favoured by men; though some young female fans of Elvis Presley sported a similar look in his heyday. The raw edge created by these extra choppy bangs is a bold look embraced by young fashionistas and trend-setters. Croydon facelift A tight ponytail worn at the top of the head, giving the effect of a facelift as it tugs the facial skin upwards. While the lob still reigns supreme as the trendiest hairstyle, Julianne Hough’s recent debut of this much more layered version might have shag styles poised to be next year’s “it” cut. Hair that has been grown out long and shorn, or 'buzzed' except for a long, thin braid at the very top of the neck.

Frequently, the hair at the crown of the head is "teased" or backcombed first to create volume.

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Short Hair Waves, shortened to just waves, is a very common and sought after hairstyle for African American men that create the appearance of water like waves of the hair. It is an elaborate hairstyle consisting of two spiralled buns on either side of the head and two braids wound around the back of the head, with twisted strands of hair in different figures in the middle of the braids. Braids can also be strengthened or lengthened with the addition of weaving hair. Unlike normal mohawk, hair is not cut from the sides. This shoulder-grazing haircut is full of layers throughout, including in the bangs, giving it an extremely shaggy look. For those who only want a subtle dose of shag in their haircut, this pixie keeps hair long and straight in front, but features a series of layers in the back

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