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 ] Hairstyle or haircut, it’s a fashioning of hair can be considered as an aspect of personal neatness and for fashion, although cultural, practical and popular known as an influence some hairstyles. Tease your hair at the roots to provide some lift around your face and make a low or high “imperfect” knot. Secure with bobby pins.Spray everything with a light hold finishing spray.Recommended Products: I love the Davines Medium Hold Hairspray as both a working and a finishing spray.

Create a very deep side part by placing the part right above where your eyebrow ends. Emphasize your bob's natural waves by loosely wrapping a few dry strands around a curling iron for a few seconds, then spritzing a wave-defining product on your hair.

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You could also use a bit of Backcomb in a Bottle by Big Sexy Hair.Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This look is perfect if you have a small forehead and a round face. Once it’s ready and fixed, you may pull at occasional strands to make loops. Pull it through a styling donut until the donut rest at the base, and wrap the ponytail around the donut, securing it with bobby pins.If you'd like, you can pull some strands loose around your face for a softer look. Boho Waves This relaxed look with a side part and super bouncy waves gives off some serious boho vibes. Twist hairstyle male. Short, curly hair can be tricky to work with, so sometimes, the best thing you can do is let it take its natural course. Apply a heat-protectant shine cream, then use a hair straightener to define the sleekness. Pushed back hairstyle. They are especially exciting when twisted together to create a swirled mix of caramel and coffee hues In fact, I would say, you should rejoice! Because, girl, you’ve got that perfect combination of cute and sexy going that someone with a slim face just can’t pull off. Also make some strands of hair falling over your cheeks to create a different look Divide your hair into two sections by parting it above the highest point of your eyebrow. Tuck in any of the scarf's loose ends to keep the 'do looking neat. If your hair is especially dry, you might want to apply both a water-based leave-in conditioner and then a naturally-occurring oil to seal in the moisture.A leave-in conditioner with nourishing oils can also work well. Knot the two pieces of hair as if they were shoelaces to create two twists, one right below the other. Move the new strand to the middle and the middle strand to the right. Add a touch of spray wax or pomade on your fingers and run it through your hair for definition. Add some dry shampoo to your hair, and pull your hair up to the crown of your head. If your hair has that rough but cute second-day hair texture, just pull it back into a loose pony at the nape of your neck. Move the twists upward and gather the ends on top of your head. Comb through the conditioner with a wide-tooth comb, and let your hair air-dry.Once your hair is dry, don’t touch it - doing so will just create frizz. All your hair should be above the scarf when you tie above your forehead. Curl the end of the twist and secure it with a bobby pin. Stylish updo hairstyle for saree The hairstyle looks delightful updos hairstyle for saree.

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Hairstyles add charm and elegance to the person who wears it. Set your blow dryer on medium and use the diffuser attachment to gently dry your hair. Try this hairstyle for the wedding and on any other occasions. Next, pull the braids back and tuck them into your waves for a fun look.To make sure they stay put, pin the braids back with bobby pins. Now tie your hair up to a ponytail and take hair strands, one after another to twist and form the curl.

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When your hair is still damp, apply a volume-boosting product to the roots and use a rattail comb on your roots to boost the volume even more. Next, create a subtle side part so some of your hair falls in front of your face.For a fun touch, tuck some hair back behind your ear and secure it with a decorative pin. If you don't have a styling donut, you can also use a sock to create a top knot. Crazy men hairstyle. Getting these dramatic bangs almost makes you feel like a whole new person and gives you a kind of confidence you never knew you had But only wearing sari won’t be enough when you are dressing up for an occasion, rather you must adopt stylish hair that will suit with your face and image. The layered low curly hairstyle with dark shade eye blush gives a bold look. Be sure to twist it a bit so the bobby pins are hidden.Spray everything with a strong hold finishing spray.Recommended Products: Before you backcomb your hair, spray some dry shampoo at your roots

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