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throws in jokes or resolves minor plot issues during the credits of each episode. He has fabricated an entire bizarre paranoid delusion with no internal logic whatever. He steps quietly into a hall-way - notices the old man putting THE PHONE back on its cradle. ANGLE LOOKS BACK at White standing in the open doorway, squints into the sun. and we cut to Shatner echoing Robert Stack's line from the first movie: "That's exactly what they're expecting us to do!" In , the Silver Surfer is seen floating in space after the destruction of Galactus, and suddenly he opens his eyes. Earlier in the film, the characters experiment with turning a blow-up doll into a kite, only to have its line snap and the doll fly away. The table-cloth comes away, things spill to the floor and smash. Like the Men who pursue White, they wear coats, leather gloves, dark glasses, and have near white skin. CAMERA REVEALS A FIGURE - watching from a shadowy corner of the lobby. SCHREBER Everyone get's one - very much like this. Elvis composed the lyrics and brought the song to a recording session. Butterfly clip hairstyle.

Played with at the end of the more recent Bad Lip Reading videos. He can see into an adjoining room to his right - two dark figures stand over a man on the floor lying in a pool of dark crimson. Reese witherspoon hairstyle. INSIDE The rooms are empty, derelict, strewn with rubbish. BACK ON WHITE - A small feminine HAND touches his head.

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If you stayed for the credits, though, you would find out that he is not actually dead. He finds section C then walks between towering rows stacked with old volumes. Slowly he starts to MOVE FORWARD, hovering at an even height over the water. In some of them, the hero's seen escaping the town with the reborn Alessa/Cheryl, and with or without Cybil. He tries to kick it away repeatedly but it wonít come off. While White is wincing in pain, the priest breaks away. When she drops it, it breaks, and a "To be continued." shows at the end of the page, letting us know that the original ending wasn't the finale. has Stacks, Grace, and Annie watching the next MoonQuake Lake movie. The CAMERA TRACKS SIDEWAYS, REVEALS a microphone behind a chair, leads us to a mirror on a wall

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