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People are constantly asking us who and where we get our hair done, and we love it! The salon is gorgeous and and I am totally impressed by the level of service from the front desk staff. I have referred many friends and family members to Sarah and everyone has loved their experinece with Sarah.

I'm never going to let anyone else near my um, well.you know. Not only was she a sweetheart, but she gave me the best haircut I have ever had. I have gone there a few times to this trendy, upscale and modern salon to be greeted by friendly people without major attitude. And, now thanks to Aaron's top notch abilities, he has converted my hair from long and layered to a great shattered bob. I've been going to the salon for years but wasn't thrilled with my previous colorist - a friend suggested John for his technique and demeanor. It is more expensive than most salons, even in the downtown area, but you get what you pay for, and it is very much worth it! In a word, this salon is excellent. For a high end salon, everyone there was very down to earth, not at all pretentious and VERY welcoming. She trimmed my raggedy ends into shape, and gave me these soft spiral curls, and my hair was bouncing and behaving! When I saw the final result, I was floored - my hair was FABULOUS! It hadn't looked that good in a LONG time. I have long dark brown hair, which I think is extremely difficult to color so that it still looks natural. The best part is, for being such an upscale salon they're incredibly friendly & warm. Overall a very good experience that I would highly recommend. All for a single price! Some stylists make me wish my time with them was over. Hairstyle for chubby face male. I'm getting married, and I was worried about getting too much chopped off. Aaron David is an Exceptional Stylist I've been going to Aaron David for years and followed him when he moved to Maxine. I always leave the salon feeling good about my haircut and I get lots of compliments on my hair. Cristiano ronaldo best hairstyle. Pin the end of the strand into your hair, and comb back the rest of your hair.To finish off the look, pin the remaining strands onto the back of your head with additional bobby pins.

Does this haircut make me look like a Nazi? - The.

Even on very short hair, he built in so much structure that I could go nearly two months without a cut and still get asked for the the name and number of my stylist. More volume on the sides but not in the back, blend my grown-out bangs, blunt ends within my layers. Always natural looking and my hair is always healthy and in great shape.

5 quick hairstyles for short hair - Advanced Hairstyle

I have worked with Robert only once so far and I was impressed. He gave me the most awesome bangs and fixed the un-eveness in the back and added some layers so that it wouldn't look too heavy. The salon is clean, spacious and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. He was the sweetest man and such a great stylist-- I left myself in his hands and he brought my hair back to life. She was patient--though not condescending--as she helped me realize the truth about what my hair needs, since I am a lazy non-product-using person. He is also very warm and pleasant to chat with, but easy-going enough that you can comfortably sit in silence and let him do his work as well. It was refreshing to speak to a salon that was kind and accommodating vs pretentious and rude. Aaron listens to what you want, always takes his time & makes sure you're happy in the end. I have never had another stylist as consistently excellent as Hans. I said okay, I was kind of disappointed but I didn't want to show it. Love, love, love! Shelly Aguirre Love, love , love! Shelly Aguirre does my hair extensions and rocks them every time. I would go to her again for a single process color or if she was not as busy. I fly for good hair! Theresa and Diana at Maxine's are the best stylist/colorist combination a girl could ask for. Punk hairstyle. Theresa and Diana are the best I found Theresa and Diana are the best! I found this dynamic duo before my wedding and have been loving them ever since. Fortunately its not a long plane ride to Chicago, so I'll be back! I've been going to Maxine's for years I've been going to Maxine's for years. I'm always wary of new stylists but I had absolutely nothing to fear. The highlights have never come back out, and the color has faded to look exactly like my natural shade. I got my hair cut today by Cliff, a level one stylist, and I'm really pleased. She pays great attention to detail and is totally on top of her game. Since then, she has continued to give me the best cuts I've ever gotten. The atmosphere and front-desk service is a bit sterile, you'll feel a bit lost, but please, walk in anyway. I think I laugh more with the people that work there than I do with some of the people I am friends with. is fully responsible for brining me to Maxine!!! I had been visiting Lisette for couple of years at her previous salon, and when she left her previous salon I was completely at a loss!! I couldn't bring myself to getting a haircut and just continued to wait, just in case we were able to reconnect. I had read the reviews and heard all the praise about Bob but was skeptical at first. Also there is a choice of beers, champagne, or prosecco for sale which is a nice touch. His advice is fantastic, and he is such a perfectionist that his blowouts are immaculate and last for days with no touch-ups. Before she started cutting she went over it again to make sure we were on the same page. While waxing, she broke the hairs instead of actually waxing them out

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